Friday, November 9, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE..Breaking News...the LAKEshow LAKERS squeeze Lead Man MIKE BROWN'S Employment to Termination...Whose Next...the Bluedude has the Candidates....will it be the ZEN MASTER with DWIGHT in Tow?

Breaking News from as the Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and Laker Brass have decided to take current Laker Nation Mike Brown's Access Card and Security will get your Belongings.

Brown only lasted some 72 Regular Season Games with the Shortened NBA Season in 2011-12. The Lakers are one of the Rear Organizations in Professional Sports where not just any Head Coach can come in and get it done. This Decision makes the Brian Shaw (The Lakers chose Brown over Shaw who is currently the Pacers Lead Assistant under Pacers Lead Man Frank Vogel) No Hire even more visible. Shaw was the Right Guy because of his Close relationship with the Black Mamba and his  Apprenticeship under the "Zen Master" Coach Phil Jackson's Staff.

Picture Right... from L to R Coach D'Antoni, Coach McMillan, Coach K, Coach Rudy T, and Coach Boeheim.

The Bluedude right off the Top of his Dome will give you Five Candidates that are Primed and Ready to take over the LAKEshow and restore Order as the Clips have moved in on some of that Staples Center and LA County Turf.

ZEN MASTER...Enough Said

B-SHAW currently Pacers Lead Assistant...he is the Man but the Pacers under President Donnie Walsh with only 5 Game into the Season will probably say No or the Lakers need a Compensation Package if allowed. Perfect Fit for the Laker Land USA.

"RUDY T" TOMJANOVICH currently a Lakers Scout/Advisor...coached the Lakers in between the Zen Master's Hiatus a Couple of Seasons back. Coached the "Clutch City" Rockets to Back 2 Back Chips 1993-94/1994-95. Familiar with Lakers Lore and what Kupchak and the Lakers Brass wants. A Really Good fit.

"Coach NATE" McMILLAN Fired Last Season as Blazers Coach and took the Super Sonics and Blazers to 5 Playoffs out of his 11 Seasons Coaching. A 2012 National Team USA Coach and would be an excellent Hire as he would get Immediate Respect having a Relationship with Kobe and Dwight Team USA and his Success Level as a Lead Man in the Logo.  

"Coach JEFF" Van GUNDY working as the Lead NBA on ABC Color Man with Partner Mike Breen, Coached the High Profile Knicks as an Assistant and Lead Man for 13 Seasons. Also was the Lead Man in the Ming Dynasty featuring T-MAC. There would be No Conflict of Interest between Coach Van Gundy and Dwight as Dwight had turmoil from Jeff;s Brother and former Magic Lead Man Stan. Would he leave T.V as you never lose on T.V. and no Pressure even though Van Gundy could handle all the Lakers Pressure and more.

The Lake Show has a Decisions to make but with the Next 6 Games at Staples Purple and Gold they have a little Time.          
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