Friday, November 9, 2012

The SENIOR CIRCUITS Top Offensive Players in 2012 by Position..."SILVER SLUGGER Award"...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report with SILVER Ash, Maple, or Bamboo #NationalLeague

The National League Circuit's Best in the Show from the Dish. We all bring Leather to the Park but there are a select few that Bring some of the Finest Stick Work known to the Show. They say Chicks Dig the Long Ball...Ok. Chicks also dig Grade A and 5-Star Stick Work from the Dish, in Hits, Big Flies, and Ribbies.

The Senior Circuit consist of a "Monster on the Bump", the Best Back Stop in the Show both Ways, a 2011 NL MVP, a Pint-Sized Pack of Dynamite that carried the Buccos, a few Future Stars in the Show.

The 2012 NL Silver Slugger Award Winners
Note: The NL has a Pitcher and No DH

Catcher: Busta Buss Posey Gigantes (pictured Right)

1B: Adam LaRoche Nats

2B: Aaron Hill D-Backs

SS: Ian Desmond Nats

3B: Chase Headley Dres

LF: Ryan of the Brew Crew (pictured bottom Right)

RF: Jay Bruce Red Legs

CF: "Cutch 22" Buccos

RHP: S2 of the Potomac 2-Pack...Stephen Strasburg

Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen were locked in for the NL MVP all the way to the End and they will be at the Top of the List as Braun showed last years NL MVP and Fed Ex Debacle.

Strasburg can Pitch and he can also bring the Lumber and is one of the Best Athletes from the Bump in the Show....a NL Cy Young Candidate but on the Back End.

Posey is the Best back Stop Hitting and Catching and he is arguably the Most Important Piece on any Team.

Headley, Hill, Bruce, and Desmond are the Future of the Senior Circuit......

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