Thursday, April 28, 2016

"All-SOUTHERN Hospitality" 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" goes down in the Dirty Derrty talking State BIRD of Louisiana Hoops, BUZZ City in the Queen City N.C., GRIT & GRIND Beale Street and the HIGHLIGHT Factory near the PEACH Drop!...VOTES are in and the "BROW" of NOLA will not repeat as P.O.Y. and it was real close! #NOP #CHA #GnG #ATL #LogoWatchFusions #AllSouthernHospitality

Logo Watch Fusions continues in its 3rd season at Bluedude Sportstalk as we head down into the dirty derrty talking 4 NBA Teams in the south, southeast, and Atlantic seaboard! The votes are in and New Orleans Pelicans Star PF the "Brow" Anthony Davis will not repeat as P.O.Y. due to an assortment of maladies as he cannot stay healthy. Now who will be named P.O.Y. in 2015-16 and it might surprise you...

"All-SOUTHERN Hospitality"

Player of the Year 

Paul Milsap dba "SAP
#ATLHawks dba #HighlightFactory404

81 Gms 81 Starts 17.1 ppg 9 rpg 3.3 apg 1.7 blks 1.8 thefts

1st Team 

SF "Sap" #ATLHawks 
PG Kemba Walker #BuzzCity 
PF "Brow of NOLA" #NOP
PG Jrue Holiday #NOP 
PG Jeff Teague #ATLHawks 

Honorable Mention

C Big Al Horford #ATLHawks 
SF Nic Batum #BuzzCity
PF Ryan Anderson #NOP 
PF @macBO50 Z-Bo #GnG 
PG LINsanity #BuzzCity 

360 Degrees

"Sap" was off the charts as he just blitzed the C's in "Winning Time" with a 49-piece with all sorts of sides. I still cannot comprehend when both he and Big Al Jefferson were unrestricted free agents they didn't have a whole bunch of suitors. "Sap" has proved season after season he is an NBA All-Star and comes to play on every night and that gets rewarded from the Bluedude...

Kemba Walker has been leading the charge in Charlotte for quite sometime and now with "Stability" in place in lead man Steve Clifford Team Air Jordan "dba #BuzzCity is making plenty of noise in the NBA East. Not to mention the fabulous job done by GM Rich Cho and all of a sudden Hive Drive is freakin' alive and take that "Air Jordan running a Franchise" Haters!

Ant "Brow of NOLA" Davis in just 61 games still put up 24.3 ppg and grabbed 10.3 rpg  and swatted two Spalding Oranges per. The closest thing to Kevin Garnett and after its all said and done he maybe better but K.G. stayed off that injured list. The "Brow" must do the same thing in order to be great and mentioned with the elite Ballplayers in the "Logo"! When healthy 100% there is no one better in an NBA Front Court and now what does Team U.S.A. do if the "Brow" is a no go in Rio this summer? 

Yes Jrue Holiday the former All-Star PG when he was playing for the Broad Street Philly Hoops Squad dba Seventy-Sixers. Jrue is a complete big PG and when he is also healthy like the "Brow" he can play with any PG. His numbers in 65 gms in 2K15-16 were 16.8 ppg with 6 apg and 3 rpg. The Pelicans now just need "REKE-havoc" dba Tyreke Evans to get on board and lookout!   

Teague rounds out my 1st team and why not as he is arguably the best PG in this region in the "Logo"! If the Hawks pulled the proposed trade a few months back sending J.T. to World's Most Famous they would have been in Regret Mode the rest of this season and next. Can Teague hold off "Kwame" dba Dennis Schroder as the starting PG for the Hawks in the 2K16-17 season or will he be moved come NBA Draft 2K16?        

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