Thursday, April 21, 2016

BLACKHAWKS @ BLUES going Game #5 as "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison goes into Elimination Games as the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters have nowhere to go but three W's in a row! #CHIvsSTL #FearTheINDIANHead #BlueNotes #StanleyCupPlayoffs #WesternConferencePlayoffs #FrozenTalkHawks

1901 West Madison
Game #5 
Muddy Mississippi 
8pm CST 



The Chicago Blackhawks have been here before but this 3-1 deficit has a different vibe to it. The St. Louis Blues came into this series not having beat the Indian Head at the Madhouse in "Winning Time" since 2002. Now the Blue Notes on the verge of beating the Hawks 4-1 beta Chicago back to back at the Madhouse turning into the Fun house.  

How have the Blue Notes hit all the right "Notes" to this point its just precision play and taking advantage of situations when they present themselves. Like the Blues have not missed on the Power Play and it appears like every time the Indian Head gets a penalty the Blue Notes capitalize. For the Hawks that has to change as they just need to get back to Hawks Hockey as the Blue Notes Star players have outplayed the Hawks Star Players period!

Blue Notes players like Vladimir Tarasenko and "Bloodline" Alexander Steen have made their presence felt and hats off also to the Blue Notes blue-paint tenant Brian Elliott who has been solid if anything.  

Its all about Uncle Mo dba Momentum and the Blue Notes have 100% of that in this series heading into Game #5. The Indian Head will be without Andrew Shaw but #19 and #88 must have a greater impact in order for the Hawks to have any chance. D.K. dba Duncan Keith has carried the Hawks offensively and that has to change in game #5.

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