Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cubs @ Indians in Game #6 in the Fall Classic 2K16!...Addison & Clark 773 Hardball is back in another Elimination Game with 2K15 Cy Young Winner Jake Arrieta leading the Charge!...The Tribe behind Mike Tomlin as the Indians are trying to give the "Land" Parade Route #2! @Cubs @Indians #WorldSeries2016 #Clark&Addison773Hardball #FlyTheW #RallyTogether

Magic Number
11 W's

Here we go as the Chicago Cubs stopped a potential sweep and Shamp-Pag-Na in the Visitors Clubhouse on Sunday for a 3-2 "W" forcing a game #6. Cubbies Starter Jon Lester was good enough as he has been all post season long and now the North Siders stick Jake Arrieta on the "Bump" in another elimination game.

The Cleveland Indians with all the pressure shifting to their clubhouse has two games to get one but they cannot have that mindset or they will be talking MLB Winter Meetings and what could and should have been. Mike Tomlin who pitched magnificient in game #3 will be on the "Hill" for the Tribe as the Indians must get game #6 to stop even more pressure in that clubhouse if the Cubbies force a game #7!

NL Pennant


AL Pennant

Game #6 


Jake Arrieta
(18-8, 3.10 ERA)
Mike Tomlin
(13-9, 4.40 ERA)

Projected Line Ups


1 CF Fowler
2 3B Bryant
3 1B Rizzo
4 LF Zobrist
5 DH Schwarber
6 2B Baez
7 C Contreras
8 RF Heyward
9 SS Russell


1 DH Santana
2 2B Kipnis
3 SS Lindor
4 1B Napoli
5 3B Ramirez
6 RF Chisenhall
7 LF Crisp
8 CF Naquin (Davis a possibility)
9 C Perez

360 Degrees

The North Siders will get a huge boost moving back to the Junior Circuit Rules with Kyle Schwarber moving back into the DH. I also think OF Jason Heyward has been swinging the Ash, Maple or Bamboo better and he will get the nod in RF with Jorge Soler staying put on the bench. 

The Tribe gets better defensively as Carlos Santana moves back to DH only as he was never really tested in the field at the Friendly Confines. My sleeper for the Tribe is Coco Crisp and the Cubbies Pitchers must keep him off the base paths as well as Raji Davis who should play for Naquin in CF. 

Cubs 6 Tribe 2 F

Its going to come down to pitching and defense as neither team can ill afford to let the other play fast-pitch softball at the dish hitting and nocking everything in. I will go with the North Siders and Arrieta as those Cubs Bats might be alive all the way to that Parade Route in Chi-City...and yes the Bluedude went there Cubs Nation and the Land...Go Cubs Go!  
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