Saturday, September 19, 2015

#18 AUBURN 21 #13 LSU 45 F...FOURNETTE FOURNETTE FOURNETTE FOURNETTE and all that #GeauxTigers of Baton Rouge talent smacks them WAR EAGLES in Death Valley!..."FALL SATURDAYS" as Les Miles Group is for real in the SEC West! #AUBvsLSU #WarEagles #BayouBengalTigers #SECWestHappenings

He was the #1 Schoolboy Recruit in the Country in the Class of 2014 and was was a man-child in the scholastic ranks. Nothing has changed as he is a true sophomore at LSU doing the same man-child like things to opponents as he makes a serious bid for an invite to the Downtown Athletic Club in the NYC.

His name is Leonard Fournette and he is from of course NOLA where Les Miles and the Tiger have and should have a pipeline from Baton Rouge to the Big Easy. Fournette lit up the Stark Vegas Bulldogs last week and now he goes for $2.28 on just 19 totes and three scores against the War Eagles of the Plains. The final core of 45-21 isn't indicative on how things really transpired but the Tigers will take that crooked 45 over that bending 21!  

FOURNETTE's Run vs Wil Muschamp's "D"....yikes!

The Tigers ran up 411 yards running a country mile and passed for just 74 yards. Auburn QB Jeremy Johnson passed for two scores early an that was it as Auburn like many expected was exposed. That 2014 LSU Team that went 8-5 is a distant memory as though they played in 2004.

Now moving forward where does that leave the SEC West in the hands of both the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ole Miss Rebels as they both have to face the Bayou Bengal Tigers at some point. The Loser takes a step back after tonight with those #GeauxTigers lurking in the SEC 2015 Trek.
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