Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CUBS 2 PIRATES 1 F...CUBBIES get another gritty effort from LESTER and this time he finishes it for the CUBBIES as Mr. OCTOBER strikes for "MADDON Ball"!..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the NORTH SIDERS and BUCCOS split 2! #CHCvsPIT #NorthSiders #BUCN #NLCentralTopShelf2K15

It was an Anthony Rizzo RBI single in the 1st and a Dexter Fowler RBI Double in the 5th that aided one Jon Lester to victory as "Les" battled again in the late frames after cruising through the first six. The Cubbies Mr. October in Lester went complete job as he was in no-way going to let the North Siders Pen decide his fate.

The Only real trouble Lester had was in the 7th when the Buccos when there was runners on the corners and the Cubbies turned an double play as the Buccos Aramis Ramirez scored cutting that deficit to one 2-1. The biggest pitches of the night is when Lester battled the Buccos Jung Ho Kang and struck him out to end the frame leading 2-1 as Pittsburgh leaves a man stranded.

Lester moves to 10-10 as he is just getting started the closer the Cubbies get to October. A.J. Happ takes the "L" for the Buccos as he falls to 9-8. The Cubs (83-61) losing the first of the Twin Bill gets one back and starts the night four back and ends the night at four back of Pittsburgh (87-57).       
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