Wednesday, September 30, 2015

RIP City BLAZERS grab Team Options for Three Key Players!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as McCOLLUM, "PLUMS", and VONLEH all get Team Option Portion of Contracts picked up by the "Only GAME in Town"! @CJMcCollum @MasonPlumlee @NoahVonleh @Blazers #RipCityBlazers #BlazerMania #TheONLYGameInTown

The Portland Trailblazers trying to not necessarily go rebuilding mode but break it down and quickly build it back up grabs Team Option Portion of contracts on three key players. The Blazers keep one of their own in PG CJ McCollum and also holds onto to two newly acquired players in Mason "Plums" Plumlee (Nets) and Noah Vonleh (Hornets).

McCollum in his 3rd season will get even more minutes and many minutes playing alongside Rip City Franchise Point God Dame Lillard. "Plums" will be a welcomed addition to that front line that lost both  Nic Batum (Hornets in Vonleh Trade) and LaMarcus Aldridge (Spurs via Free Agency). Vonleh still a "Work in Progress" will get his opportunity playing with the "Only Game on Town" as they get  season or two to see of the growth potential is real!

McCollum and "Plums" in their 4th year and Vonleh in his 3rd year...for Team Options!

The Blazers will be picked at the bottom of the Northwest Division and in the West as they follow the lead of one Dame Lillard...

@MasonPlumlee dbs "PLUMS"
Flatbush Nets Top Dunks 2014-15

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