Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 232...Bam Bam KAM and 12's stars in "REUNITED and its Understood"!...WITTEN adds to the List of COWBOYS residing in the Training Room on Game Day!...and BREES says he is going in Week 3 despite Bum Shoulder! @Kam_Chancellor #SorryWeRLoud @JasonWitten #BoysNation @drewbrees #GeauxSaints

The Seattle Seahawks are going to meet with Safety Kam Chancellor as he continues to talk about his Wagon needing more duffel bags. Does he have the leverage I would think so considering not only his play on the field and being the "Boom" the Legion Of Boom" dba L.O.B. but his overall leadership with the guys. All that has a price and the Seahawks need him in that locker room in the worse way...stay tuned!  Can "Bam Bam" Kam play this well versus the yes he is like an Ready-Made Meal!

#BamBamKAM #31 of #12s 

Moving over to what has quickly become the Team with the most Key Cogs on the Injured-List and that would be the Dallas Cowboys. Now comes TE Jason Witten is battling two sore ankles and he may need to step back a week or two and try and regroup. The 'Boys look like a Mash Unit (No pun attended) but as through week 2 has a goose egg in the win column. Can they survive without Witten in the Line Up for an extended period of time...heck no they cannot!

Then there is Crawfish Gumbo and a Po'Boy Samich all laced up with some "Debris" from the famous Mother's Restuarant in Nawlins known for their Honey Baked Ham.  There is also Saints QB Drew Brees doing what he does but has a bruised Rotator Cuff in his throwing arm. He says he can play through it but as we go to press that's a Player who has been great for years and headed to Canton that sees the end near and has something left in the tank. I would not touch him in Fantasy Week 3....not all!
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