Friday, December 11, 2015

HEYWARD and CUBS go 8-years $184 million!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" talking Jason Heyward to the MADDON Ball for nearly $200 mil and that might be a steal! #JHeyTwoTwo @JasonHeyward #MaddonBall #NorthSiders #CubsNation #LetsGo #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The St. Louis Cardinals and nearly seven other MLB Clubs had their hands on the Jason Heyward Pot and look who tops them all! The Chicago Cubs and Cubs President Theo Epstein doing what they do as the Farm System runneth' ova as they add versatile OF Jason Heyward with a huge deal.

Heyward and the North Siders go 8 years and $184 million which is a guaranteed annual salary of some $23 million. The kicker in the new deal is that Heyward can opt out of the total contract in 2018 or 2019 and that is a win win for the Cubbies moving forward and Heyward. He produces he stays at at just 26 years of age the North Siders thinking is his best years are ahead of him.

2K15 Digits w/Redbirds

154 gms 13 HR 60 RBI 79 R 30 2B 23 SB 

The book on #JHeyTwoTwo dba in the Twittisphere as @JasonHeyward is that he cannot stay off the injured list and is injury prone. The Atlanta Braves were banking on both him  and first baseman Freddie Freeman to carry the next Braves Squad into the next ten seasons but Atlanta got impatient as Heyward and his inability to play through injuries.

Now looking ahead that signing hurts the Redbirds and gives the Cubbies a middle of the order like this:

2K16 Projected #MaddonBall Opening Day Lineup 

CF Jason Heyward
2B Ben Zobrist
1B Anthony Rizzo
3B Kris Bryant
LF K. Schwarber
RF Jorge Soler
C Miguel Montero
SS Addison Russell

Now take that Line Up Cubs Haters for 2K16 under the watchful eye of Skip Joe Maddon playing Maddon Ball 2K16...

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