Sunday, December 13, 2015

WARRIORS 95 BUCKS 108 F..."FEAR the DEER" gives "DUBS" dba #StrengthInNumbers "L" #1 of 2K15-16 but the Confetti coming down afterwards...c'mon Beer Town U.S.A. you have won absolutely nothing and your 9-15 below "EXPECTATIONS"!..."LOGO WATCH" as DUB Nation falls to 24-1 and that is still moving furniture everywhere! #GSWvsMIL #DUBS24-7-365 #FearTheDeer #LogoWatch

It was bound to happen as the 2K15-16 Golden State Warriors were not going to go 82-0 (don't tell them that) and the "L" was going to come at some point. The Milwaukee Bucks did the honor after passing out 24-1 Tees the run right past "Dubs" 108-95 and did it wire to wire.

Was it the Warriors coming off a "W" the night before in Boston in two extra frames or the Bucks playing their game as I say it was a little bit of both not making excuses for G.S.W.. All those Bucks young players like Jabari Parker (19 pts 7 rebs), Giannis Antetokounmpo (11 pts 12 rebs 10 asst), OJ Mayo (18 pts), M.C.W. (17 pts 5 asst) along with Greg Monroe (28 pts 11 rebs) that did the trick as they play inspired basketball moving to a disappointing 9-15.

The Warriors get 28 points and seven boards from Steph and 24 points and eleven boards from Draymond as they could never regain the lead in the 2nd half always chopping at a deficit. A 6-1 Motel Swing East though is rather impressive when everyone is gearing up for your squad.

As for the Confetti falling after the game Milwaukee Bucks watch yourselves as the NBA Gods are watching and don't be the loudest one in the room because if you are you better have game and be way north of the .500 mark!
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