Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ZOBRIST joins "MADDON Ball" and the NORTH SIDERS!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" as the Cubbies grab Free Agent BEN ZOBRIST to play Second Base on a 4-yr $56 million deal! #BenZobristNews @Cubs #MaddonBall #NorthSiders #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Chicago Cubs got better in the middle of the infield yesterday as they strike a 4-year $56 million deal with former Rays Second Baseman Ben Zobrist. To make room for that deal the Cubbies move Starlin Castro to the Bronx Bombers as Zobrist has some real versatility.

Zobrist can hit and he will bring that plus a Clubhouse Leading Attitude to the North Siders as he comes off a 2K15 Championship Run with the Kansas City Royals. He hit .276 with 13 HR and 56 RBIs in 2K15 and that was near his career digits.

Ben Zobrist takes Blue Birds LHP David Price for a HR in Gm 6 of 2K15 ALCS

Where does this leave the North Siders Middle of the Infield...2K16 Projected Starters in Cubbies Infield:

1B Anthony Rizzo
2B Ben Zobrist *
SS Addison Russell
3B Kris Bryant

* Zobrist will also be listed in both Corner OF Slots in LF and RF...     
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