Sunday, December 27, 2015

STEELERS 17 RAVENS 20 F...The Texarkana Arkansas CANNON > Big BEN as the Purple BROWNS sweep the seasons series from STILLER Gang taking the BLACK & YELLOW to a special place...the No PLAYOFF Zone for now!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the STILLERS need "Help" in Week 17! #PITvsBAL #StillerGang #PurpleBrowns #AFCNorth2K15Business #RavensWeek

I didn't see this coming as maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers were lining up the New Year's Eve Festivities to bring in 2K16 as they forget to close 2K15 on a good note. The 2K15 Steelers take a hit at the Big Crab Cake in B-More as the Baltimore Ravens dba Purple Browns sweep the season series vs 'Burgh Football and may have ended the Steelers Hopes of getting to Santa Clara, CA for Big Bowl 50 in February 2k16!

It was Ravens QB and former Michigan Wolverines and Woo Pig Sooie Football Star Ryan in the Texarkana, Arkansas "Cannon" Mallett outplaying Steelers Pro Bowl QB Big Ben Roethlisberger as Big Ben ha his worst game of 2K15 and it happens in Week 16 with everything on the line!

Mallett unfazed all game long and always something to prove from an Alarm Clock Wake Up to reading defenses as he sliced and diced the Steelers Pass Defense for a cool 274 yards on 28 for 41 and a TD. His run game also weighed in at a robust 121 yards on 31 totes from Rook Javorious Allen and former Dawg Pound RB Terrence West.    

Big Ben threw for just 215 yards on 24 for 34 with 2 INTs as RB DeAngelo Williams carried the load again going for 100 yards on 17 carries and two scores. It came down to the Steelers making plays on both sides of the Wilson pigskin and they could not when it counted.

Now the Steelers "L" knocks them to the #7 slot behind the Jets as the Chiefs with the Steelers "L" clinched the #1 wild card slot in the AFC. Pittsburgh now needs to beat the Browns in Cleveland and hopes that the Bills Mafia puts a major hit on the Jets in Week 17 in order for Pittsburgh to get in.       
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