Monday, March 7, 2016

Rockets LAWSON ends up with the BIRD Man and #GoldSwagger!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as former UNC National Champion and All-American TY LAWSON maybe gets his last shot with the PACERS and Larry Legend! @TyLawson3 #RedNation #PacerNation #GoldSwagger

The Indiana Pacers trying to stay in the NBA East Arms Race as the Miami Heat grabbed Joe Johnson from the Brooklyn Nets. This pick up won;t get much fan fare but actually might work. Larry Bird and the Pacers pick up former UNC All-American and National Champion and Denver Nuggets 1st rounder PG Ty Lawson to give them some quality depth in their back court.

Lawson will back up both "Mississippi Lightning" dba Monta Ellis and George Hill but on that 2nd unit he could really be a significant boost. Ty is fresh off being bought out by the Houston Rockets who just traded for him over last summer. Lawson is most effective when he has the Spalding orange in his hand and with the Rockets that is just not reality with James Harden leading the charge.

If Lawson pans out for Indy they might be the 4th best team in the East as the Cavs, Dinosaurs, and Heat are in my top 3...

Lawson must get back to form as you would think his chances are running rather thin at this point in his career... 
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