Thursday, March 3, 2016

NBA Power Rankings Take #4 March 2K16 in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as we go March 2K16 Happenings with G.S.W. dba #Dubs24-7-365 on a record pace!...SPURS quietly playing "SPUR WARS" lurking as the #2 Squad in the "LOGO"!...The REGULATORS Report O.K.C. is right there but with major Closing Issues!...The East belongs to King JAMES and "Believeland" but its still up for grabs who challenges LeBRON and Company!...Watch the RILEY Group dba #HeatGang #TeamSpoelstra as they grab "Quiet Storm" J.J. from the Flatbush Nets! #NBAPowerRankings #LogoWatch #WestSideStoryReport #RegulatorsReportOKC #SqueezeTheOrange

The Golden State Warriors will entertain the Regulators Report O.K.C. dba Oklahoma City Thunder again as they are sitting at an NBA Record of 54-5. They will have Chef Curry but not "Iggy of Planet Oracle" as the Thunder comes of of blowing a huge lead in the Clip Joint last night and losing.

Now we get the NBA Power Rankings of March 2K16 and #Dubs24-7-365 still is sitting atop the rankings. The Spurs quietly playing "Spur Wars" through 60 is at 51-9 and the clear favorite to possibly knock off Dubs in "Winning Time". The Thunder maybe Team #2 in that same boat but must figure out how to Stage Left with Credits in their favor.

Then there is the Eastern Conference turning into the C-Land Invite as the Cavs and King James lead this disgruntled pack of malcontents with the Dinosaurs and now the Heat the two teams that might have some lethal Venom for "Believeland"! The NBA Power Rankings for March 2K16 as we at least 12 teams fighting for Lottery Slots and they need to keep losing...

"Squeeze the Orange"

NBA Power Rankings
Take #4
March 2K16 

Note: In parenthesis is January 26th, 2K16 Rankings

1. #Dubs24-7-365 (1) 54-5

2. #SpurWars (2) 51-9

3. #RegulatorsReportOKC (3) 42-19

4. #Believeland (4) 42-17

5. #WeTheNorth (5) 40-19

6. #ClipperLandUSA (6) 40-20

7. #GreenTeam dba #Celts (10) 37-25

8. #GritGrindBealeStreet (9) 36-24

9. #HeatGang (14) 34-26

10. #TeamMFFL dba #MavsNation (11) 33-28

11. #HighlightFactory404 (7) 33-28

12. #RipCityBlazers (21) 33-29

13. #ItsABuzzLife dba #Hornets (16) 32-28

14. #GoldSwagger (15) 32-29

15. #DetroitBasketball (13) 31-30

16. #WizKidsDC (18) 30-30

17. #WestSideStoryReport dba #Bulls (8) 30-30

18. #ClutchCity (12) 30-31

19. #SaltPalaceJazz (22) 28-32

20. #MouseTownMagic (19) 27-33

21. #FearTheDeer dba #Bucks (23) 25-36

22. #ForeverPurple (20) 24-35

23. #KnicksVHS dba #KnicksTape (17) 25-37

24. #MileHighNugs (24) 24-37

25. #StateBirdOfLouisiana dba #Pelicans (25) 23-36

26. #10KLakes dba #TWolves (27) 19-42

27. #FlatbushNets (28) 17-44

28. #PHXHoops (26) 15-45

29. #LakerGang (30) 12-50

30. #SeventySixers (30) 8-53

#Cs Defensive Highlights vs #Bulls

360 Degrees...

Celtics playing Stevens Ball is on a tear and Isaiah Thomas was an All-Star and thank you very much Phoenix Suns..."Deeeeeeee-fense wins Chips and Stevens and his Players know that! (watch above Video)

The Rip City Blazers behind the best back court in the "Logo" in Dame spitting 15 Bars and C.J. and yes I went there is on pace to get into "Winning Time" and do damage as no one team wants to play them with those two playing the Cape Crusaders...    

What has happened to the Bulls at one time during the season was 22-12 and since 8-18 and they have one  feet as we go to press in frigid Lake Michigan and the other in Secaucus, New Jersey near the 2K16 Draft Lottery Machine trying to fix that to get the #1 overall pick...oh my! 

Can the Raptors or the Heat derail the Cavs with mercurial Point God Kyrie Irving wanting to get the first thing smoking out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio? 

If the Bucks get in they will go to the 2nd round but that is a huge What If and can J-Jidd keep his gig for the 2K16-17 season? 

Rockets falling apart as they waive newly acquired PG Ty Lawson and are on the outside looking in talking West "Winning Time" that a Gig for Tom Thibodeau or Mark Jackson or even Luke Walton as Defensive Minds want an answer? 

Lakers and Sixers need Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram...will the "Logo" treat them these two franchises with delicious 2K16 Draft Lottery Treats (w/Buttercream Icing not Whip Cream) like they always do?    
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