Sunday, March 6, 2016

MANNING Mile High Retires and OSWEILER mulls a huge offer from #7 and #UnitedInOrange!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the BRONCOS must get OSWEILER now that #18 is hitting the Links and Fishing Holes! #ManningMileHighRetires #OsweilerCamp #UnitedInOrange @Broncos #SundayTalk #OrangeCrush

Now that Peyton Manning has informed the Denver Broncos of his decision and it wasn't like the Broncos had #18 in the plans and that is no disrespect to Manning Mile High and his Camp but the stage is set now.

With Manning due this week a $19 million guaranteed sum if he was on the roster the Denver Broncos let the Manning Camp know they Duffel Bags they threw at Manning's 2K15 Caddy Brock Osweiler. A three-year $45 million P.O. for the former Tempe Football Sun Devil which gave me the impression that #7 dba John Elway (Broncos EVP and GM) and the Orange Crush was moving on from #18 and putting all the Broncos Equipment and Helmets in the Brock Osweiler Movement.

Now we will just wait and see if Osweiler is looking for more Duffel Bags knowing Manning is no longer on the roster and if he could get an even sweeter deal. Look young fella that's a lot of money for a player that has 7 career starts and if I were you I would be on the first thing burning from Frontier Airlines riding coach to get to that Contract...just saying!    
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