Thursday, March 3, 2016

THUNDER @ WARRIORS as the "REGULATORS Report OKC" w/PLAYBOOK goes Game #2 on NBA on TNT!...Can The REGULATORS overcome a devastating "L" from the CLIPS as they bkew a 22-point lead in the 4th to give #DUBS playing with #StrengthInNumbers behind them their 1st "L" on Planet Oracle?...The WARRIORS at 54-5 and 25-0 on Planet ORACLE will be without "IGGY of Planet Oracle" but Chef CURRY will have his APRON on with the Crock Pot simmering!...#OKCvsGSW #ThunderNation #Dubs24-7-365 #NBAonTNT #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch

Where do we start as this game would way more interesting if O.K.C. had a Captain Save-A-Game in the Bullpen to close out games...or do they? That 22-point lead they blew to the L.A. Clippers at Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up could be "the Straw that broke the Camel's back"...or something like that!  Now the Thunder gets a well-rested Warriors Bunch that watched the collapse last night on an off night!

"Dubs" beat the Atlanta Hawks in Extras without Chef Curry and that was -30 ppg they were losing in that one and still pulled it off. Now they get the Thunder for the 3rd time in two and a half to three weeks and the Warriors stole the one in Thunder Alley and closed the game in Extras at Planet Oracle. Something tells me this rivalry will continue well into May 2K16 as the real Regulators O.K.C. needs to make a stand somewhere!

(42-19, 3rd West)
(54-5, 1st West)

"Logo Watch" going NBA on TNT Game #2 
Thursday March 3, 2K16 @ 10:30pm ET 
Planet Oracle near the "Black Hole"
Town Business 



PG Russ
SG A-Rob
PF Air Congo
C "Steven from New Zealand"


PG Chef Curry
SG KLAY-metheus
PF Draymond
C Andrew from "Down Under" 

PLAYBOOK #ThundervsWarriors

O.K.C. can create the "Perfect Storm for three frames then its the Bermuda Triangle in the 4th...those same Demons will arrive tonight and they must exercise those Demons to get a "W"...

Curry is well-rested and will be going for it as "Dubs" plays at a World Beating "Pace" with the Logo's #1 Chef...

Russ from O.K.C. must be a controlled frenzy and I don't know how that happens at this stage in the game but the Thunder needs a calming influence and it starts with the man who handles the Spalding Orange more than others...

Thunder Bench vs Dubs Bench and Super-Sub "Mo Buckets" dba Mo Speights...OKC must contain the him out of the Bullpen! 

"Protect the Arc" O.K.C. and I know what your thinking NBA Heads talking Money Balls from G.S.W. in Game #60 of 82...just get on it Thunder! 

48 Minutes from the Thunder as Billy Ball must believe they can overcome that 25-0 Start at Home from "Dubs"...

There is no Moral Victories in the 82-Game Trek but O.K.C. needs this for more reason than a few...

Harrison Barnes is that Quiet Storm for "Dubs" and O.K.C. must slow him down as he is smooth customer and Ames, Iowa made....

Anthony Morrow needs more P.T. and Dion Waiters needs to be waiting to get some P.T. as I can't put it any more clearer than that! 

"Pace" and nothing else....who controls the most will get the "W"! 

The Seat Belt Sign is on for O.K.C. and its up to then to get through all the turbulence and take the Seat Belt Sign's game time ! 

Regulators...Mount Up! 

#DubNation I am starting to see 74-8 as I thought all along the '72 Dolphins Record would come down before the 1995-96 Bulls...are you kidding me NBA Heads and #BullsNation as we are losing "Big" at both ends in the 2K15-16 season! 
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