Saturday, October 27, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE...Do you EAT Glass?...Do you have a Post Game?...Can you shoot the Money Ball?...Are you consistent Every Night in Every Game on Every Play?...The LAKE OSWEGO Monster covers all that...K-LOVE of 10K LAKES...the Top 5 POWER FORWARDS in 2012-13...GotGLASSinYourMouth?

The Best of the Best and the reason why the #1 Power Forward in the Game is where he is because he is a Combination of 2 through 7 or 8. Kevin Love aka the Lake Oswego Oregon Monster is the Premier Power Forward with his Workmanship on the Glass and his Money Ball Prowess and all that in Between. The T'Wolves know how to crank out a Power Forward (Kevin Garnett aka KG aka the Big Ticket built the Target Center) as there can only be One now in KL of 10K Lakes.

This 2012 -13 Crop has a deft Mid-Range Game, Athleticism as One of the Premier Finishers if not the Premier Finisher in the Logo is in this Pack of Players, the Best Low Post Defenders, and Teams are building around a few of these Players at Power Forward.

The Top 5 Power Forward's in the LOGO for wee need Windex or Camp DREAM as a Sponsor...or Both?

1. K-LOVE @KevinLove  26 ppg 13.3 boards 2 helpers T'Wolves..10K Lakes Boyz: No one can compare to KL on a Nightly Basis as he is the "Man in the Mirror" or Glass I should say. He east Glass and then has that Deft Money Ball like a Certified NBA Sniper. The T'Wolves Franchise Player and the 2nd Power Forward set for Greatness out of 10K Lakes.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge @Aldridge_12...21.7 ppg 8 boards 2,4 helpers. Rip City Blazers: At the Ripe Age of 27 and this being his 7th Year in the Logo he hasn't even scratched the Surface. Yes he made his 1st All-Star Game Appearance in the Logo but that was for Overdue. If he wasn't tucked off into the Northwest everyone would be talking L.A. of Rip City. But Rip City is more than Happy to have him on their Side.

3. the BLAKEshow @BlakeGriffin 20.7 ppg 10.9 boards 3.2 helpers 1 No-No 1 theft...LOB City ...the New CLIPjoint: He will hopefully make that Trek to Houston before Year 9 in the Logo like most. That Light should come on this Season as no one is more Feared on the Break or attacking the Rim like Griffin. Having Said that he has no Post Game...None. He needs a Face Up Game and a back to the Baxck Go To Move like a Little Jump Hook or Turn around Jumper. The Sky is the Limit if he adds to his Game....IF.

4. DIRKiliscious @Swish41 21.6 ppg 6.8 boards 2.2 helpers the Diggler...Mavs: DeutschMarks circa 2000-2010 was straight Butta with Averages of 25.2 ppg and 9.2 Boards through that Decade as Dirk Nowitzki was at the Top of his Game. Now with a Chip and Knee Issues the Diggler is still Dominant but he now has to pick his Spots. No he was never the Hick from French Lick Larry Legend Birds but what DIRKiliscious One of One like the "Mona Lisa" or da Vinci's "Last Supper"...he is the Best to ever call Reunion Arena and the AA 214 Home wearing the Dallas Mavericks Uni.

5A. the SPANIARD @PauGasol 17.4 ppg 10.4 boards 3.7 helpers 2 No-No's LAKEshow...Lakers: The Best Offensive Arsenal in the Logo at Power Forward. the Best passing Big in the Logo and Dwight should benefit largely from playing with a Big as Talented as the Spaniard Gasol. Kobe wasn't lying when he said Pau is going nowhere if I am a Laker and the Black Mamba knows all too well how talented Gasol is and Valuable to Lakers Success.

5B. Chris Bosh @ChrisBosh 18 ppg 7.9 boards 1 No-No...White Hot..Heat: There is a Reason the Heat are so effective in the half-Court Game. they don't need a Big down on the Low Post because of King James and Wade County Slashing but a Big that can Screen and Pop and Has a Mid-Range and occasional Money Ball to boot. That's why Bosh is just as Important as Wade and King James.

Ready to Grab the Torch...
Air Congo ThunderUp @SergeIbaka9 9.1 ppg 7.9 boards 3.7 No-No's (BLOCKS)
Paul Milsap Jazz and No Twitter c'mon Sap 16.6 ppg 8.8 boards 2.3 helpers
Josh Smith Highlight Factory @TooSmoove5 18.8 ppg 9.6 boards 3.9 helpers
S.T.A.T. Knikerbockers @AmareisReal 17.5 ppg 7.8 boards

2012-13 Honorary Captains
DUNC Spurs

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