Friday, October 26, 2012

LOGO WATCH 2012-13 #6 NBA WEST SouthWest Division Preview...SPURS still the KING of the Southwest...MAVS upgrade Roster and go Younger...the GRIND HOUSE ready to take Next Step...ROCKETS Youth Movement on Tap...The HIVE trying to stay ALIVE in NOLA.

The Southwest Division still is under the Spurs and Coach Pops Watch but there is a Caution Flag as we go around the Southwest Division.   Yes the Spurs still have the Nucleus of Dunc, Manu, and TP9 but the gap in the Division has closed with the Mavs and the Grind House on the Mississippi lurking with every intent to throw Spalding Oranges at the Spurs Southwest Throne.

The Rockets have an influx of talented Young Fellas like T-Jones, Silence of Jeremy Lamb, and No Fly Zone Royce White no pun intended but this is my Ish. The New Hive Drive in NOLA is a Few Years away which will seem like Light Years because of the NBA 82 Game Grind. The Hornets have A-Davis who will be an All-Star about the Same time as 2012-13 HS Senior Jabari Parker of Chicago Neal F. Simeon HS...Real Talk and you better ask somebody about Parker because you have No Idea.

WESTERN Conference

(How they will Finish in Order)

SPURS: They have Lead Man Pops and that's all any Team needs now slow your roll as the Southwest Commoners are closing in. Big D has DIRKiliscious and the Grind House has Rudy, Z-Bo, Conley, and Baby Spaniard...Lil Gasol. The Maturation of Sniper and Defender Danny Green (pictured Left #4 A HS QB at East Babylon HS in NYC) and Kawhi Leonard (pictured left #2) will help the Spurs even more this Season. Wacko Jacko at this Stage in the Game is a Calming Influence for the Young Players as he has ism like a Fine Wine getting Better with his Attitude over time. Tiago Splitter has even shown flashes and that's what the Spurs do as they take time for the Home Growns like a Farm System in the Show. Watch for Nando DeColo a Rookie from France at 6-5 and 200 El Bees and a Big Guard. Can the Spurs hold off the Grizz and the Mavs in 2012-13 and then get at the Lakers, Clips, and Loud City in Winning Time?

GRIZZLIES aka the GRIND House: Don't put the Spurs in the Drivers Seat just yet as the Grizzlies have the Makings, Experience, and Talent to pass the Spurs and never look back. Led by SF Rudy Gay (pictured left), PF Z-Bo..Zach Randolph, Center Marc Gasol, and Point Mike Conley Jr....the Grizz will be right in the Middle of the Pack in West Winning Time. Talented Young Players such Josh Selby, (2012 1st Round Pick) Tony Wroten Jr., and Darrell Arthur (who is in his 4th Season and Only 24) the Future looks bright in the Grind House. Can they get the Right Pieces from the Bench to mix in with the Starters to make their Rotation One of the Best in the Logo? Can Conley take his Game to another Level from the Point? Will Rudy Gay's Olympic Snub take him to Kill Switch Mode from Start to Finish? All these Questions have to be answered to take that Next Step.

MAVERICKS aka the MAVS: How Long will Dirk Nowitzki aka @Swish41 aka DIRKilsicious #41 be out for the Mavs and can they weather the Proverbial Storm if its for an extended amount of Time? Center Chris Kaman #35 was a huge Addition to the Roster as was the Mavs Free Agent Crop and 201 2 Draft Picks namely the 2011-12 Big East Player of the Year. Those aforementioned 2012 FA Pick Ups...Darren Coillison #4 (Pacers) and OJ Mayo #32 (the Grind house Memphis) is an Upgrade that the Mavs really needed. They didn't win the D-Will Sweepstakes  as he chose to stay in Brooklyn and why not but those Two Players for a Consolation Prize helps Mavs VP of Ops Donnie Nelson. The Matrix #0 is still holding it down at the Small Forward Spot. Dominique Jones impressed at Summer League and the Mavs will get him Minutes to see what he can really do. 2012 NBA Draft Steal is 2011-12 Big East Player of the Year Jae Crowder of Marquette. Scouts you need to start paying close attention to how Marquette Lead Man Buzz Williams let's his Players Defend and Play on the Offensive End Multiple Position and that's why they get acclimated to the Logo game so quickly. Crowder has been Money in Summer League and in Pre Season. He will be penciled in for Major Minutes. The Mavs early Success depends on how quickly DIRKiliscious gets back into the Fold.

ROCKETS: It's funny to me the minute LINanity (pictured right with Orange) goes to Texas are you hearing about him now...of course not. It's not that he can's play but the Greatest Hype Machine in the World is Gotham City. This same noise will follow him all season until he explodes on the Scene in Game 78 in April 2K13. The Rockets had an Excellent Draft and may have gotten the Most NBA-Ready Player out of the Kentucky Bunch in Terrance Jones. The Other 2012 Draft Picks Jeremy Lamb and Royce White they will bring along slow and White with his Anxiety Issues Super Slo-Mo. They spend a combined $50 Plus Million on Bulls Center Omer Asik and the aforementioned LINsanty of Knicks of the Past PG Jeremy Lin. SF Chandler Parsons is Solid in that David Lee Mold of the Warriors except more of a Stretch 4. Delfino was a Nice Pick Up late at the Sniper Position. Where is Marcus Morris? Kevin Martin of Jordan Brand is a Smooth 2 Guard that no one knows about and is the Rockets Best Player. Toney Douglas follows LINsanity from the Knicks he has to be thinking I might need a Career Change. They have a lot of Young Good Pieces and we will see how this all works for the Rocket City Hoops Squad.

HORNETS aka the HIVE of NOLA: They were elated to get the #1 Overall Pick and UK's Anthony Davis (pictured Left with Olympic Gold Medal). They also get #10 Pick Austin Rivers of Duke which is another Nice Grab at where they got him. Lead Man Monty Williams and GM Dell Demps have a Plan in Place and they will follow that Plan and all the Players have to do is Buy In and Play Hard. They took a Page out of the Rockets Book and if the Rockets and Hornets took their Young Guys and played Division 1 Hoops putting Two Teams together they would both be Pre Season #1. Ryan Anderson was a Nice Pick Up for the Hornets in 2012 Free Agency to spread the Floor. Eric Gordon is a Chip they are counting on as he is the #1 Man along with Anthony Davis they are building around. Greivis Vasquez is a Big Point (He played alongside @kdTREY5 Kevin Durant at Montrose Christian Academy in Rockville, MD under HS Legendary Coach Stu Vetter) and is one of the Fighting Turtles Greatest of All-Time. The Hornets and Coach Monty will lean heavy on Gordon, Hakim Warrick, Roger Mason Jr., and Anderson to help the Young Players. Robin Lopez rounds out the Front Court for the Hornets. Rebuilding is the Hornets Phase right no but that can change quickly.
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