Friday, July 20, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with an EXPRESSO Cup of LOGO WATCH #132....TEAM FIGUEROA STREET 2012-13...LA County....LOB City + LAKEshow = a STAPLES FUSION of LOGO KINGS 2012-13

What in Spalding Oranges would you get if you put the New CLIPjoint and the LAKEshow together on One Team and have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Team.

With all the Free Agent Movement by both Squads this is an interesting Conversation Only made for the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk...of course. Where else you going to get Team Staples 2012-13 put together under One Umbrella?

With the LAKEshow picking up Point God NASHty and A.J. of Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N.C. Fame the Lakers will be much improved and going for Chip #17.

The New CLIPjoint adds Space Needle Sniper J-Crawford, LO7 aka Lam Lam of Khloe and Lamar, and keep Mr. Big Shot to Keep LOB City Hope..Alive.

Time to Meet and Greet 2012-13 Team Figueroa Street which is sponsored by the Nike Vault Store with NASHty, the BLAKEshow, CP3, Lam Lam, the Black Mamba, the Spaniard, and Drew....Nike Basketball and Brand Jordan will be showcased heavy in the Staples Scooby Doo Shop...Got Swoosh?...on your Dawgs (I know A.J. of Franklin Street and Three Stripes and anDRE the Giant of LOB City's...Protect this Staples Center by way of Under Armour... I haven't forgot about other Scooby Doos in Staples) :

1st TEAM

Sniper the Black Mamba
PF the BLAKEshow
Big Drew of the LAKEshow

2nd TEAM

PG Mr. Big Shot
Sniper J-Crawford
SF the Lob City Butler
PF the Spaniard
Big anDRE the Giant of Lob City

3rd TEAM

PG S. Blake of LAKEshow
PG the Birmingham Baron..Bledsoe
SF Lam Lam
SF A.J. of Franklin Street NC
SF Metta W.P. formerly known as Ron Ron

No Honorable Mention here and you know what it is when you play them 2 Games Back to Back or Two Games in 2 Nights vs the New CLIPjoint and the LAKEshow....a Staples Vault Store of L's.

See things have changed a Little when you knew your Team was getting an L in the Great Western Forum or Staples going up against the ShowTime Lakers or the LAKEshow that was an L. The W was easily had in the L.A. Sports Arena the Original CLIPjoint. Now your Work is Officially cut out in LA County.

The Official County on Team Figueroa for 2012-13

7 from the LAKEshow
8 from the New CLIPjoint aka LOB City

And with those Numbers the Tide is turning quickly. Can you See 2012-13 Western Semifinals...the  #2 Seed LAKEshow vs #3 LOB City for the Rights to Wreck Thunder Alley in OKC....Good Day
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