Friday, July 20, 2012

MAKING NOISE...Doc RIVERS tells the EASTERN Conference....COURTNEY the Hilltopper, J.G. of HOYA Paranoia, JET of Puget Sound, and all that on a BIG TICKET Coming Back with a Cup of BOSTON CLAM CHOWDER....2012-13 C's....BEAN Town TAKEover

Are you really serious and everyone one of the Green Team Backers of New Garden Fame was crying Wolf when Sugar Ray of Brand Jordan didn't re-sign back with the C's going to hated Rival Team White Hot.

Then there is all this Choppin' It Up about...I don't know if KG is going to come back or if we want Ray or if Ray wants to come back and are we in Rebuilding Mode. Well since the Free Agent Gate opened the C's have been hitting them over the Green Monster regularly landing Gem after Gem and all of a sudden...Miami Heat....there will be some Problems navigating through the NBA East for 2012-13 Season.

The C's First Bombshell, reported on Bluedude Sportstalk first, was the Big Ticket was back in the Fold not for the 2012-13 Season but until KG's Fire burns out. After that 2012 Post Season that Check Engine Light has been removed.

They then tell Sugar Ray we have 2 years $12 Million for you and Ray ponders those Thoughts in time for Boston Logan International Airport to say, " Big D Sniper J-E-T Flight 31 requesting permission to land on Run Way Team 17 Chips....Bean Town...Request Granted". Jet's Reply, "I also have a Request for Money Balls Landing As well". Boston Logan Air Traffic Controller Danny Ainge," 10-4....J-E-T Flight 31....We will tell the Boys at the New Boston Garden...and Bring them All". The Jets has landed at Boston Logan International Zig Zag Slashing his Reebok way to Green Team.

Then there is Super Agent David Falk, who get all the G'Town Players in the Logo". tells GM Ainge and Lead Man Doc, " The Doctors have cleared J.G. (Jeff Green) and hopefully there is a Deal in Place to keep J.G. in Bean Town Doc an Danny". Green signs on the Dotted Line.

Now we have a developing Situation as in a 4-Player Deal with Key Players Courtney Lee of Clutch City Rockets going to the C's for JaJuan Johnson as the C's get more Athletic and Younger to support the Big Ticket and the Truth along with Point God Double R....Rajon Rondo.

Look to cut a Long Story short..the C's will be In It to Win It come April 2013...send a Tweet and take a Twit pic and tell the Logo Pundits the Bluedude sent you.
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