Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PACERS 123 WIZARDS 106 F...So BEAL and WALL-Star are the Best Backcourt in the "LOGO" and who you fooling and this post is Rated PG-13 with a Family Size Side of CJ MILES!..."LOGO WATCH" with someone getting caught eating TURKEY and DRESSING before Turkey Day and playing no Perimeter Defense! #INDvsWSH #PacerNation #WizKidsDC #LogoWatch

Paul George doesn't care and why should he as he laces up the same dance shoes as everyone else in the "Logo" but what separates him from others he is a two-way dynamo. That would be Indiana Pacers Paul George dba PG-13 after hitting the Phone Booth last season as he delivers a 40-piece in the Verizon Center to the Wiz Kids D.C. and they had no answer for PG-13.

To make matters worse the Wizards also had no answer for C.J. Miles yes that C.J. Mile straight outta Dallas, TX Skyline H.S. (Same HS as "Grand Ma Ma" Larry Johnson came from)  via the Utah Jazz Pick back in the day as he delivers a 32-piece to the Wiz Kids D.C..

Now looking real close at the damage PG-13 and Mile did on this night they combined to shoot 15 for 17 from the arc. Yes All-Star Saturday Night 2K16 in Toronto got started early as the Spalding Money Ball Racks were out in full force and both PG-13 and Miles were evidently looking for Chef Curry on this night!

Pacers run away with a 123-106 "W" as John Wall had 18 points and Bradley Beal had 20 points and then what? The real Sniper on the Wiz Kids Gary Neal delivered 23 points off the bench but it was too late. Indy runs to 9-5 and the Wiz Kids D.C. falls to 6-5 and watch those Pacers turning back into "Gold Swagger" Rated PG-13...          
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