Sunday, November 1, 2015

NUGGETS 93 THUNDER 117 F...A huge 3rd Frame of 37-20 lifts O.K.C. in "ORANGE" to Victory as K.D. and RUSS were an Effective Team!..."REGULATORS Report OKC" in "ORANGE" as the Mile High NUGS were no match for Team Billy Ball of Thunder Alley! #DENvsOKC #MileHighNugs #ThunderNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch

The Oklahoma City Thunder led the Denver Nuggets 58-50 at the break and was in 2nd gear. Somewhere between the Chalk Talk at Intermission and Replenishment from OKC's favorite Sports Drinks the "Regulators" came out smoking and the Mile High Nugs were no match!

Between the Kevin Durant's 25 points and Russell Westbrook's almost triple-double of 15 points, nine boards, and eight assists the "Regulators" went to 4th gear and overdrive as they put up a 37-20 3rd frame and the Mile High Nugs went to sleep.

O.K.C in "Orange" had six players in double figures as "Air Congo" Serge Ibaka added 18 points as D.J. Augustin led the bench with 14 points. The Thunder shot over 50% from the arc and the field holding Denver to under 40% from both the arc and the field.

The Mile High Nugs were led by Danillo Gallinari' and Will Barton's 15 points each as Denver had just two starters in double figures.  I know all the talk is about Dubs and Steph Curry's amazing display in his arsenal night in and night out but the "Regulators" O.K.C. is coming for the Throne!

The Regulators move to 3-0 as the Mile High Nugs fall to 1-2...Regulators...Mount Up!    
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