Friday, May 6, 2016

SPURS @ THUNDER as the "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." goes "Fight 4 LARRY" w/PLAYBOOK from Thunder Alley as we are all knotted up 1-1!...Can KAWHI get "LOOSE" in Game #3 as the #SpursFamilia has to get back to #SpurWars?...Can RUSS And K.D. get a 3rd Wheel on "Date Night" with the SPURS and if they do and the 3rd Wheel is successful O.K.C. could go up 2-1! #SASvsOKC #RegulatorsReportOKC #SpurWars #SpursFans #ThunderUp #RegulatorsMountUp #Fight4Larry #NBAonABC

The San Antonio Spurs have been in this predicament more than a few times as they must find a way to hit the Winner's Circle and get to the Vitamin D Milk for game #3 in Thunder Alley. The Oklahoma City Thunder playing the "Only Game in Town" 2.0 and dba "Regulators Report O.K.C. must treat this as "Win" or going "Home" as no one gives O.K.C. a real shot at winning this series.

Let's go another Bluedude Sportstalk Exclusive in "Playbook" as we go "Intros" and the #SpursvsThunder "Date Night" Itinerary:

San Antonio (5-1) 
Oklahoma City (5-2)
Game #3

T.G.I.F. May 6, 2K16 @ 9:30pm ET
Thunder Alley in Oklahoma City, OK



PG TP9 of France
SG D.G. of #UNC
SF Kawhi of #SDSU
PF L-Train of #HookemHorns
C "Dunc" of #Wake


PG Russ of #UCLA
SG Dre of #BuffsNation
SF K.D. of #HookemHorns
PF "Air Congo" dba Serge Ibaka
C the Adams Family of #Pitt  

Game #3

Can TP9 and "Dunc" reach back into the Archives or the Crates and give Team "Pops" and R.C. Buford quality buckets? 

The "Rage" in Thunder Alley will be at an All-Time high and can the Thunder ride that Tsunami for "48" in a pivotal game for both squads? 

Kawhi Leonard must have an All-Star Performance on the offensive end and if he does not the Spurs need that Bench to have an "Out of Body" Experience!

Can Russ and K.D. get a dependable 3rd Wheel to give them Buckets, "D" and key plays at key moments in the game...which is easier said than done!  

L-Train has hit the O-Zone Layer but is that OKC's Plan to let LaMarcus Aldridge "Get Off" and cut the Water and Electric off the other Spurs Players!   

Execution on both ends will be pivotal as the half court "D" and transition "D" must be in sync with one another...

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TDs...neither team can ill afford to go here but for the visiting team it would have a major impact on not getting to the winner's circle!  

"Pops" vs Billy Ball of Thunder Alley has been intriguing to say the least with O.K.C. playing the Underdog...

Glass Work especially talking the Offensive Glass...who wins that battle? 

Winning the end of frames plays into the Psyche of your team who can end the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with Uncle Mo (Momentum) on their side will probably win game #3...

"Scrums" or 50/50 Spalding Oranges...who wins this battle? 

Who comes up "Big" in game #3 as this series will go down to seven in the Alamo City?   

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