Sunday, May 22, 2016

WARRIORS 105 THUNDER 133 F...Thunder Alley explodes as #ThunderUp with @RussWest44 and @kdTREY5 leading the Charge dropping 30 plus apiece hammers the defending "Champs"!..."REGULATORS Report O.K.C." + "Fight 4 Larry" = you have to win four to win the series but O.K.C. is making a statement that is Thunderous and clear! #GSWvsOKC #StrengthInNumbers #ThunderNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #Fight4Larry #OKCLeads2-1

Yes its just game #3 of a possible seven but the Oklahoma City Thunder makes a thunderous statement loud and clear as they run away with a 133-105 victory as this game was over at the half. The alarming notion here is that both teams had nearly four days off between games and "Dubs"  gets handled rather easily!

Kevin Durant dba @kdTREY5 (33 pts 8 rebs) and Russell Westbrook dba @RussWest44 (30 pts 12 asst 8 rebs) did what they do but it was the Thunder "Extras" trying to star in a leading role. "Air Congo" dba Serge Ibaka scored 14 points while Andre Roberson chipped in with 13. Off that O.K.C. Bench it was Turkey's Enes Kanter dropping a double double with 10 points and dozen boards.

O.K.C. won nearly every category and shot an amazing 33 for 37 from the stripe. NBA M.V.P. Stephen Curry dropped 24 points but that entire "Dubs" Bunch after the scores was 40-40 midway through the 2nd frame when the Thunder went on a 32-7 run to close out the 2nd...ball game!

Then I see many chirping down Social Media Alley's the Warriors will this is the new and improved Thunder Bunch that has made big time adjustments since the 82-game trek ended. With game 4 looming on Tuesday Night in Thunder Alley you will see a different Warriors Bunch but if this O.K.C. Bunch that showed up tonight appears in Tuesday's the Fire Marshall!  
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