Monday, May 2, 2016

THUNDER 98 SPURS 97 F...THUNDER rides RUSS and K.D. but not after Air CONGO and WAITERS almost puts the THUNDER in harms way!...L-TRAIN drops a 41-Piece with Sides going Appetizers! "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." as the "REGULATORS" star in "Escape from SPUR Wars"! #OKCvsSAS #ThunderUp #ThunderNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #SpursFamilia #SpursFan #SpursNation #SpurWars #Fight4Larry

It goes down as a "W" for the Oklahoma City Thunder but but not after they gift wrapped it and San Antonio just wasn't at the house to get that first and "Only" delivery.  O.K.C. wins 98-97 as Russ Westbrook goes for 29 points and ten helpers and K.D. drops 28 points with seven boards. That wasn't the complete story as the end of this was all but San Antonio dba "Spur Wars" to hit the winners circle!

With the score 98-94 and just under 14 seconds remaining in the contest Thunder PF "Air Congo" dba Serge Ibaka fouls "L-Train" dba LaMarcus Aldridge was fouled a money ball attempt and hit all three foul shots. The Spurs cut that four point deficit to one 98-97. San Antonio with a foul to give fouls Westbrook and then the game came down to this...(Video below)

Thunder SG Dion Waiters shoves Spurs SG Manu Ginoboli as he is trying to throw the ball inbounds only to throw the Spalding orange to K.D., who lost it to Danny Green. The Spurs in transition gets a shot off in the corner from Patty Mills it fell short a "Scrum" ensued as time runs out and O.K.C. stars in "Escape from Spur Wars" as the Basketball Gods hands this one to the Regulators Report O.K.C.!

L-Train of #SpursFamilia led with a game-high 41 points and O.K.C. has had no answered for him since the series started. As for O.K.C. this "W" is huge as they head back to Thunder Alley all knotted up at 1-1. 
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