Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NBA Draft Lottery 2K16 as we go "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" + "LOGO WATCH" = "You can't win the 2K16 Draft Lottery if you didn't lose in abundance in 82"!...Who will get #1 as its #GeauxTigers Ben Simmons or #DukeInTheNBA Brandon Ingram many in the know think will go #1? #NBA #NBADraftLottery2K16 #SqueezeTheOrange #LogoWatch #UCantWinTheDraftLotteryIfUDidntLose

There will be some usual suspects in the 2K16 NBA Draft Lottery and there is a surprise to that party named the Chicago Bulls. The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Suns all have the highest odds to land #1 as the Suns have two picks with one being from the Wiz Kids D.C. dba Washington Wizards.

What does all this mean where there are two clear cut favs for the 31 overall pick in Ben Simmons from L.S.U. (who is represented by King James Sports Agency "Clutch Sports" ran by his ace Ron Paul) and Brandon Ingram from Duke as both played in the 2K15 McDonald's All-American Game and both were Top 5 in that class along with one Jaylen Brown of Cal Berkeley who is also in the draft with a few mixed reviews.

The 2K16 NBA Draft Lottery will be held tonight at 8 p.m. ET right before Game 1 of the NBA East Finals talking #WeTheNorth dba Toronto Raptors and #Believeland dba Cleveland Cavaliers.  Let's check out the official odds of grabbing the 31 overall pick:

Tuesday May 17, 2K16
8pm ET


Odds (right) to Land #1 Overall

1. #SeventySixers 25%

2. #LakerNation 19.9%

3. #Celts (via #BKNets) 15.6%

4. #PHXSuns 11.9%

5. #TWolves 8.8%

6. #StateBirdOfLouisiana 6.3%

7. #MileHighNugs (via #KnicksNation) 4.3%

8. #ForeverPurple (dba Sac Kings) 1.9%

9. #WeTheNorth (via #MileHighNugs) 1.9%

10. #FearTheDeer 1.8%

11. #OMagic 0.8%

12. #SaltPalaceJazz 0.7%

13. #PHXSuns (via #WizKidsDC) 0.6%

14. #WestSideStoryReport (dba #BullsNation) 0.5% 

Red denotes highest chance to get the #1 Pick...

Blue denotes Bulls lowest chance to grab #1...

360 Degrees...

Say all the Balls land in sequence would the Seventy-Sixers pull the trigger on Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram with the Lakers sitting in the best slot at #2?   

Watch Celts GM "Trader" Danny Ainge with all those current assets on his roster as he has the 3rd highest chance to lane #1 and he will be a huge player come NBA Draft 2K16 as they want Dwight Howard their #1 target in free agency....stay tuned!       

The Phoenix Suns have two picks as they blow that thing up and go young. They grabbed a gem last season in #BBN dba #Kentucky Sharp-shooter Devin Booker who once again slips and clearly there is small but highly-coveted market on Snipers and he is already "Logo" verified...

T'Wolves with the reigning NBA R.O.Y. in Karl-Anthony Towns will try to add another high-end piece to go with Zach "Trampoline" Lavine and Andrew "Bloodline" Wiggins as well as former Duke PG Tyus Jones...you forgot didn't you? 

Nawlins Pelicans needs a SG or Wing to go with Jrue Holiday, Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and even "Rekehavoc" Tyreke Evans...

The Raptors are in the best slot as GM Masai Ujiri has already surpassed all the "Expectations" and if they get north of a top 5 pick lookout as K-Low dba Kyle Lowry and "D2" dba DeMar Derozan...

Bucks are loaded with young talent and they might look to trade dow or our depending on where they land...

What do the O-Magic do with that dynamic back court of Victor Oladipo and Bruno Mars dba Elfrid Payton?

Jazz in a solid slot to get better...

Then there is the "West Side Story Report" dba Chicago Bulls at Bluedude Sportstalk and if there name is not called in 11-14 lookout as all they need is a Top 2 Pick and #BullsNation will go nut factory but the Odds and Lottery Balls are stacked against them...  

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