Friday, May 27, 2016

All-LOGO WATCH Fusions 2K15-16 as we combine the All-Hudson River, All-Red River, All-Eastern Time Zone, All-Sunshine State, All-Great Lakes w/10k Lakes, All-Southern Hospitality, All-Nature Trail, All-California Vineyards and All-Hollywood Sign!...Who was the All-Logo Watch Fusions Player of the Year...CURRY, King JAMES, K.D. or RUSS...who? #LogoWatchFusions2K15-16 #NBA #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange

The All-Logo Watch Fusions Squad for 2K15-16 is in the books as the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk is in their 3rd year with this entry which has never been seen before. Curry won the award last season as P.O.Y. and Kevin Durant won 2 years ago. Who will be the P.O.Y. this season and there is just one team...the 1st team!

All-Logo Watch Fusions

Player of the Year

Stephen Curry @StephenCurry30
"Human Torch" of "Los Splash Hermanos
#WarriorsGround #DubNation
#StrengthInNumbers #Dubs #GSW

P.O.Y. Votes 
Note: 100 Votes 1st place Votes
Unanimous a player needs at least 30*

1. "Human Torch" Steph Curry #Dubs * 50
2. "King James" Lebron James #Believeland * 35
3. "Human Turbo Button" Russell Westbrook #ThunderUp 10
4. @kdTREY5 Kevin Durant #ThunderUp 5

1st Team All-Logo Watch Fusions 2K15-16

"Human Torch"/Klay-metheus/Draymond #Dubs All-California Vineyards
Russ/K.D. #ThunderUp All-Red River
Dame Lillard #RipCity All-Nature Trail
CP3/DeAndre #Clips All-Hollywood Sign 
Paul Milsap #HighlightFactory404 All-Southern Hospitality
King James #Believeland All-Great Lakes w/10K Lakes
Kristaps Porzingis #KnicksVHS All-Hudson River
PG-13 #Gold Swagger DeMar #WeTheNorth All-Eastern-Time Zone
Wade County All-Sunshine State
Kawhi/L-Train #SpursFamilia All-Red River     

360 Degrees...

Congrats to all the players as the 2K15-16 Season in "Logo Watch" is almost in the books. Also congrats to a few NBA Dance Teams and Super Fans for making a few teams as its not alway about hoops! 

A dynamic trio in Steph, Klay and Draymond led the All-California Stepg goes back 2 back Logo Watch Fusions P.O.Y....

Two Dynamic Duos resided on the All-Red River Squad in Russ/KD from O.K.C. and Kawhi/L-Train from Spurs Nation...

Another dynamic duo led the All-Hollywood Sign in CP3/DeAndre...

A rookie led the All-Hudson River Squad in the "Zinger Burger" dba Kristaps Porzingis...  

Wade County came back like "Flash" circa 2005-06 from Heat Nation to lead the All-Sunshine State...

"Dame" of Rip City gets major props here as he led the All-Nature Trail...

Paul George and DeMar DeRozan two of the best Shooting Guards/Wings in the "Logo" led the All-Eastern Time Zone Squad...

Paul Milsap had another quiet but stat-filled 82 as he led the All-Southern Hospitality Team...

Last but not least King James always playing above and beyond Earthlings gets his 3rd straight P.O.Y. and his 2nd straight on the All-Greta Lakes w/10k lakes Squad...   

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