Thursday, May 5, 2016

All-GREAT Lakes w/10K Lakes 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" goes Great Lakes in CAVS Nation, the WEST SIDE Story Report of 2nd City (BULLS), the T'WOLVES (10K Lakes), the Motor City PISTONS, and "Fear the DEER"!...Did @KingJames of "BELIEVELAND" repeat as P.O.Y.?...Did a Rookie make the squad as he is the only Big K.A.T. in the Logo? #AllGreatLakes2015-16 #Cavs #Bulls #Bucks #Pistons #TWolves #LogoWatchFusions

The votes are in and the best player on Planet Earth with all do respect to the best guard Stephen Curry the Cleveland Cavaliers star SF LeBron James did repeat on the All-Great Lakes Squad for the 2015-16 season.

What does this mean well there are four other slots going to the bets of the best talking Cavs, Bulls, T'Wolves, Pistons and Bucks and there were some hard decisions to make! James on a night in and night out basis is simply the best and is still the best overall player in the "Logo" and he was hands down the Player of the Year for the 2nd time straight!

"All-GREAT LAKES w/10K Lakes
"Logo Watch Fusions"

Player of the Year

LeBron James dba @KingJames 
#CavsNation #Believeland #CLand

2015-16 Digits

76 Gms 76 Starts  
25.3 ppg 7.2 rpg 6.8 apg 1.4 thefts

1st Team 

SF King James #Believeland
SG "See Red" Butler dba Jimmy Butler #WestSideStoryReport
C Mr. Drummond #MotorCityPistons
C Big K.A.T. dba Karl-Anthony Towns #10kLakes
SF "Greek Freak" dba Giannis Antetokounmpo #FearTheDeer
PG R.J. dba Reggie Jackson #MotorCityPistons

Honorable Mention

"Lake Oswego Monster" #Believeland 
"Get Shots" J.R. dba J.R. Smith #Believeland
Andrew Wiggins #TWolves
Kyrie #Believeland
Zach "Trampoline" LaVine #Twolves

360 Degrees...

LeBron James of Akron, Ohio...enough said!...(highlighted in red above is King James rebounds and helpers totals as a Custodian (Small Forward) the charts from day 1 in the "Logo"! 

The "See Red" Butler dba Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler was spectacular earning his 2nd All-Star Honors to go with his 1st Team All-Defense. Yes he is the Bulls best player and if Gar and Pax want to gut the Bulls out this summer leave Jimmy alone fools! Imagine the "See Red" Butler playing home games at Staples Purple and Gold  alongside PG-13 formerly of "GoldSwagger" Indy Pacers block that commish!  

Andre Drummond simply eats glass and he reminds me of the old James Bonds 007 Villain "Jaws" himself. Where would the Pistons and Lead Man S.V.G. be without this Glass-Eating every improving in the restricted-area monster as Detroit is back on the rise! 

Karl-Anthony Towns is all of that scattered smothered and covered with  bowl of buttery grits and yes the Bluedude went there! Plating like a 5-year NBA "Vet" already right from jump street the 'Wolves and the "Logo" have to be thinking the 'Wolves got it right grabbing him #1.  

the Bucks "Greek Freak" in SF Giannis Antetokounmpo made huge strides in his 3rd season and now will be a 10-year All-Star. Throw in K-Middle and Mr. Parker its all up to lead man J-Kidd to get these horses back into "Winning Time" next season or heads and A**es will roll in Beer Town U.S.A.! 

Pistons Floor General R-Jack dba Reggie Jackson was as good as advertised carrying that Pistons Load with Mr. Drummond. Now he has to channel is inner-Russell Westbrook (If I can say that....Lol) to be a better leader as sometimes Attitude and Body Language is everything and all you have!    

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