Saturday, May 7, 2016

"All-SUNSHINE State" 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" takes us through the Panhandle State talking NBA Hoops!...VUCEVIC and OLADIPO will not repeat as we go with the Man that changed a Counties Name in WADE County!...Did the HEAT Dancers repeat on the 1st Team as they never lose?...Did ELFRID PAYTON dba BRUNO MARS of the "Logo" get a 1st Team selection? #HeatNation #OMagic #HeatDancers #PanhandleStateNBAHoops #AllSunshineState #LogoWatchFusions

Logo Watch Fusions 2K15-16 talking the best of the best Region by region takes us to the Panhandle State talking the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat. LeBron James was Player of the Year two years ago and he was replaced last season by the O-Magic Duo of Nikola Vucevic and Victor Oladipo. Now the plot thickens as King James (back home in C-Land) will not make the 1st team as Wade County dominated this season after losing a few El Bees (Pounds) last summer!

"All-SUNSHINE State"

Player of the Year

Dwayne Wade dba Wade County
#HeatNation #WhiteHot #HeatGang #305Nation

74 Gms 74 Starts 19 ppg 4.6 apg 4.1 rpg 1.1 thefts

1st Team 

SG Wade County #WhiteHot 
C Nikola Vucevic #OMagic 
C Hassan W. #WhiteHot
SG Oladipo #OMagic
PG Bruno Mars dba Elfrid Payton #OMagic
* Heat Dancers

Honorable Mention 

SF Luuuuuol Deng #WhiteHot
SG Evan Fournier France / #OMagic
PG the Dragon dba Goran Dragic #WhiteHot
Magic Dancers
PG C-Bosh #WhiteHot

* Heat Dancers until they lose a game will make my 1st Team every's my Blog NBA Heads! 

360 Degrees

Dwayne Wade was nearly back to his old self as he carried the Heat back to prominence in the East. Now he is trying to get the Heat past the Dinosaurs to get a crack at his old friend King James...Imagine That for the East Finals! 

Vucevic came off the bench late in the season for reasons that are beyond me! He is one of the best "Bigs" in the "Logo" they never talk about. O-Magic would be in trouble without him and they know it as they paid him in full not long ago! 

Whiteside if he can ever get his "Emotions" under wraps lookout as he is a perennial All-Star walking. The Heat will have to pay him sooner rather than later and believe it or not if Bosh can get back healthy  Whiteside and #1 for the Heat will be the building blocks! 

Oladipo and Payton are a dynamic back court as Payton reminds me a lot of the "Glove" Gary Payton Sr.. His instincts on "D" are unmatched and if Oladipo can somehow get his game to evolve more offensively they will be right there with Rip City's Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum...and not John Wall and Bradley Beal (they are 10th)!      

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