Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WARRIORS @ THUNDER with the "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." w/PLAYBOOK in the "Fight 4 Larry" = #StrengthInNumbers has Date Night with #ThunderUp!...Will it be a Horror Movie for "Dubs" or an Action Thriller with "Dubs" playing the Hero not the Villain! For O.K.C. will it be another night at the Thunder Alley Improv ending at KD's Southern Cuisine or a Hit Thriller will they are the Villain and not the Hero! #GSWvsOKC #DubNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #NBAWestFinals2K16 #Fight4Larry

Here we go as game #3 is in the books and the Golden State Warriors must take it as a loss and nothing else and come out swinging from the jump! The Oklahoma City Thunder needs to channel all those emotions and play their game and stay in "Attack Mode" and not get caught up in matching money ball for money ball with "Dubs" and "Los Splash Hermanos"!

Who joins Stephen Curry in this fight as "Dubs" has no choice but to grab a "W" as Warriors Nation awaits the game and the outcome? The Thunder needs a 3rd wheel as KD and Russ will do what they do but must trust their teammates to get it done again and we go game #4 preview with the award-winning Playbook only at Bluedude Sportstalk!


NBA West Finals 2K16
Tuesday April 24, 2K16 @ 9pm ET
Thunder Alley O.K.C.



PG Steph
SG Klay
SF Harrison
PF Draymond 
C Andrew


PG Russ
SG Andre
SF Kevin
PF Serge
C Steven


Draymond gets a Life Raft from Ki Ki in the NBA Offices and now needs to focus on @Money23Green with Beats by Dre' around his dome doing what he does and that is impacting Date Night in Thunder Alley!  

Steven Adams has been huge and the unsung hero in the Restricted Area for the Thunder...will that continue tonight in game 4 and if it does...trouble for "Dubs" is on the horizon! 

The Warriors might need to quit settling for money balls and get into Attack Mode...

O.K.C. and its Extras trying to get a lead role has been big all series long...and will that Thunder Bench outplay the Warriors Bench again?

Transition Defense versus Transition Offense as both teams must limit rim runs and easy transition buckets which also includes Transition Money Balls and those are Mo' Breakers and Mo' Makers as in Momentum! 

"Points in the Paint" as "Dubs" needs this to balance all those jumpers they take...O.K.C. "Big Ball" > "Small Ball" at this point and who wins playing this style tonight? 

Warriors Bench with S-Dot Livingston leading the charge versus the Thunder Bench with Mr. Waiters leading that bunch...who wins? 

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TDs as "Izzone" would call it....who wins?

"Execution" as we talk end of frames and late in the game...who will have the edge? 

The "Penalty" who gets to the line the most will probably win game #4....

Thunder Alley will be bringing it and its the Warriors Job from keeping all of the State of Oklahoma from going "Nut Factory" after game #4...they should be up for the challenge!

K.D., Russ, Stephen and Klay will all come to play...but on this day who will join the fray and maybe be the "Star" of the day you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose NBA Heads...it's game #4 grab your popcorn and put an umbrella in your drink (the Umbrella is Grown Folks Business...must be 21)...it's game 4 from Thunder Alley!            

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