Wednesday, May 18, 2016

THUNDER vs WARRIORS in the "Regulators Report O.K.C." + "Fight 4 Larry" going "Logo Watch" w/PLAYBOOK = "DUBS" need this "W" in game 2!...RUSS and K.D. playing on House Money in Game #2 how will O.K.C. fare?...G.S.W. played well in game 1 and they need game 2 to a page out of Denver Nuggets former lead man Doug Moe "ORGANIZED CHAOS" and nothing else! #OKCvsGSW #ThunderUp #WarriorsGround #RegulatorsReportOKC #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch

The Oklahoma City Thunder have had about 48 hours or a little less than that to not soak in their game 1 "W" but figure how to steal game 2 playing on house money! The Golden State Warriors have ben hearing all around town that they need game 2 and going back to Thunder Alley down 0-2 would be tough sledding!

As we get into "Playbook" for game 2 who in #StrengthInNumbers cab slow down O.K.C. Point God @RussWest44...really? Now the Easy Money Sniper dba @kdTREY5 has yet to go O-Zone Layer getting buckets but when he does and if Russ is going does G.S.W. pull the fire alarm on the Planet Oracle and everybody out?

Chef Curry, Klay, and Draymond all got good enough numbers in game 1 for the Warriors to win. It was that old adage though , " Don't tell me how many points you put up...when in the contest did you get them"! That 4th frame shooting of 1 for 10 from Palo Alto, Richmond, and other surrounding Suburbs of East Bay cannot happen in game 2. G.S.W. for some odd reason looked in a hurry and that got them in trouble in game 1. Let's get to game 2 Intros and "Playbook" from Planet Oracle near the Black Hole:


"Regulators Report O.K.C." + Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch"
2K16 NBA West Finals
"Hump Day" May 18, 2K16 

9 p.m. ET going NBA on TNT



PG "Mad Man" Russ
SF A-Rob
SF Easy Money Sniper
PF "Air Congo" Ibaka 
C Steven from New Zealand


PG Chef Curry
SG Klay-metheus
SF Harrison from Ames, IA
PF @Money23Green
C Andrew from Down Under


Russell Westbrook dba Mad Man of Thunder Alley has been a "Problem" to say the least how can G.S.W. slow him down and create the "Perfect Storm" for O.K.C. to get caught up in?

Curry, Klay, and Draymond need help and who will be their "Knight in a Dubs Home Jersey"..."Iggy" of Planet Oracle, Mo Buckets, or the Brazilian about all three!

The "Logo" is a game of "Runs" teams know they are coming how does O.K.C. handle the initial thrust by "Dubs" from the opening tap?

"Pace" who controls this as Russell Westbrook has put his on Clinic on in controlling "Pace"?  

"Bigs" vs "Smalls" won in game 1 as Kanter and Adams played really "Big" if that continues O.K.C. has a really good shot of winning the series... 

"Execution" especially down the stretch is a huge key as G.S.W. will not be helter skelter in game 2...

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TDs...who capitalizes in this area? 

Transition Dunks and Transition Money Balls versus Transition Defense...who wins? 

X's and O's as "Billy Ball" O.K.C. has been impressive in this latest O.K.C. run... Kerr is a championship-winning lead man but his NBA wit is getting tested big time playing against a stout O.K.C. Bunch that has figured a few things out!  

Hustle Board...who wins? 

Can Planet Oracle will their squad to a game 2 victory as the Thunder have already stole home court? 

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