Sunday, May 8, 2016

CAVALIERS 100 HAWKS 99 F...the "Believeland" Trio of King JAMES, the "Lake OSWEGO Monster", and N.J. Turnpike KYRIE gives the Highlight Factory 404 the Mother's Day Blues at the new OMNI and a Vacation Package!..."Fight 4 LARRY" in "LOGO Watch" as the East Playoffs are turning into the "Q" Invite featuring the home team the CAVS! #CLEvsATL #CavsNation #ATLHawks #Believeland #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch #CLEsweeps4-0

The Atlanta Hawks came out like a team that was down 0-3 and looking to get some "Respeck" (Birdman) on their name. After one the Hawks led 36-27 and then the real game started as did the real Cavs as the Hawks led 58-56 at the break.

Then it was the Cavs precision "Pace" controlling that the game after the first as a King James fade away "J" iced the sweep as Cleveland wins 100-99 and moves onto the East Finals where everyone thought they would be.

Ut was that Cavs Trio of LeBron (21 pts 9 asst 10 rebs), Kevin Love (27 pts 13 rebs 4 asst) and Kyrie Irving (21 pts 8 asst) that combined for 69 points that made the difference in the close. The Hawks get 66 points from their starters as they stayed close with Jeff Teague's Caddy Dennis Schorder going for a team-high 21 points making a case for Teague to be gone by NBA Draft 2K16 time possibly!

Iy just came down to the Arc Business as the Cavs were 16 to 9 talking makes from 23'9" and that is +21 points in the score books. That kind of shooting makes them super dangerous if they were to move to the Finals and get any of the four teams left including the defending Champion Golden State Warriors!

Now Cleveland will await the winner of the Raptors/Heat Series as they both play without their "Bigs"! Can anyone beat the Cavs "No" its not going to happen as the East is a One-Trick Pony and don't kill the messenger!    
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