Monday, May 16, 2016

THUNDER vs WARRIORS w/Playbook going "Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" + "Regulators Report O.K.C." = How the West was won in 2K16!...RUSS and K.D. and the REGULATORS O.K.C. gets "DUBS" dba #StrengthInNumbers as very few think the THUNDER can throw Spalding Oranges at the Warriors Throne"! #OKCvsGSW #ThunderUp #WarriorsGround #RegulatorsReportOKC #StrengthInNumbers #Fight4Larry #NBAWestFinals2K16

The Oklahoma City Thunder marches into the NBA West Finals riding high as they eliminate the San Antonio Spurs dba #Spurs Wars and #SpursFamilia in six. Now thew plot thickens as very fee that cover the "Logo" or watch it 24-7-365 gives Russ and K.D. and the Regulators O.K.C. a shot at winning this series but that's why we play the game.

On the other hand #StrengthInNumbers dba "Dubs" and the Golden State Warriors is full steam ahead trying to repeat so they can validate who they really are and that is an elite bunch. If they can get past O.K.C and get past "Believeland" dba Cleveland Cavaliers this would be on the two best two years treks in the "Logo" all-time no matter how you slice it. It won't be easy though as we get the Preview going "Playbook" (only at Bluedude Sportstalk) right before game #1...

Oklahoma City Thunder
Golden State Warriors 

"Fight 4 Larry" + "Regulators Report O.K.C." + "Logo Watch
Best of 7

#OKC Stars

Russ, K.D.

#OKC Extras trying to get a Starring Role

"Air Congo" Ibaka, Steven Adams, Enes Kanter

#OKC Sleepers

Waiters, "Foye Boy", Roberson

#GSW Stars

Chef Curry, Klay-metheus, Draymond

#GSW Extras trying to get a Starring Role

"Iggy" of Planet Oracle, Harrison, S-Dot Livingston

#GSW Sleepers

Brazilian Blur, Mo Buckets, Andrew from Down Under, 


Stars have to be Stars and thy all know what's expected...

Big vs Smalls and Smalls vs Bigs and who wins that Chess Match between "Kerr of G.S.W." and Billy Ball O.K.C.? 

All-Star Saturday Money Ball Racks vs the Transition Money Ball...who ever has the advantage the scale tips towards their locker room... 

"Points in the Paint"...

"Scrums" dba 50/50 Spalding Oranges...who gets dirty more? 

"Execution"... pivotal on every possession who wins? 

Can the Warriors stop the One-Man Fast Break in @RussWest44? 

Can the Thunder slow down @SrephenCurry30?

When O.K.C. is going Russ is more of a facilitator than scorer with K.D. going "Easy Money Sniper" and can the Thunder do this at least for four games in the series as that is their recipe for success? 

"Dubs" is rolling when Chef Curry is Grill Man and Klay and Draymond are doing the sides...if they can create the perfect Cookout at least for 4 games O.K.C. has no shot real talk! 

Thunder Alley vs Planet Oracle...who has the advantage or is it the team that has home court in G.S.W.? 

Thunder Extras vs A Tribe called "Dubs" Bench...who wins? 

Glass Work talking "Rebound the Vegetable"...who is + and who is -? 

Open Looks vs Contested we are dealing with professional Snipers who stay in the gym perfecting their crafts 24-7-365...who ever gets more open looks from the "Land of Plenty" or Locally (2 pointers) will win...

Shoe Game....who wins as we peep all the Scooby Doos and there should and will be some fall 2K6 models in this one as we watch closely! 

Game Time as we go Game 31 tonight at 8pm CDT...

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