Sunday, May 29, 2016

The AFTERMATH talking "DUBS" and THUNDER starring "Los SPLASH Hermanos"!...Down 3-1 and facing the unenviable task of winning in THUNDER ALLEY in an Elimination Game #6 here comes the Champs holding Game 7 on their terms! #OKCvsGSW #ThunderUp #StrengthInNumbers #RegulatorsReportOKC #WarriorsGround #Fight4Larry #NBAWestFinals2K16

It took the Golden State Warriors nearly five games to get it going in the 2K16 NBA West Finals and now the heat has turned to both teams as we face a game 7 on Planet Oracle! "Dubs" didn't just win game 6 they took game 6 as Klay Thomspon dba "Splash Hermanos" #2 and Klay-metheus went H.A.M. on the Thunder going All-Star Saturday Night Three-Point Contest hitting an NBA record 11 money balls for a game-high 41 points!

Still in the post game everything deflects to Steph Curry when if it wasn't for Klay playing somewhere in the O-Zone Layer the Warriors would have been fishing this morning near Alcatraz Island. Yes the "Human Torch" dba "Splash Hermanos" #1 has 31 points and six money balls on his way to a near triple-double with 9 assists and ten boards.

"Los SPLASH Hermanos

They needed each other last night as the Media will never see it that way as Klay is just as important as Curry its just that Klay doesn't handle the Spalding orange as much as he is a true shooting guard and Curry's dynamic handle sets them apart not the shooting as they are both dangerous once they enter the building!

As for the Thunder going back to their old ways as the moment appeared to "Big" for one former M.V.P. and they went "ISO" Ball to compound matters and that cost them dearly. The trusting of teammates and moving the Spalding orange with Russ be effective at being a facilitator and score works best for his game and the Thunder.

Russ and K.D. shot a combined 20 for 58 including 1 for 13 from the arc as they must have been thinking we need to both go off to close when they really didn't have to. The other Thunder Players appeared to be all in on the defensive end with no rewards on the offensive end.

Will O.K.C. win game 7 on Planet Oracle I highly doubt it as numbers and history and Uncle Mo dba Momentum is all on the Warrior side. Can O.K.C. win the game well that's why they will play Game 7 near the Black Hole on Memorial Day 2K16...      
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