Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"All-EASTERN Time Zone" 2K15-16 as LOGO Watch Fusions takes us to the Circle City talking "Gold Swagger", Broad Street Philly talking Seventy-Sixers, Bean Town talking the C's, Chocolate City talking Wiz Kids D.C. and "North of the Border" talking Team Drake Drizzy and the Dinosaurs!...Did WALL-STAR repeat as P.O.Y. as DeROZAN won the award two years ago with PG-13 lurking with game on top of game! #AllEasternTimeZone #LogoWatchFusions #PacerNation #Sixers #Celts #Raptors #Wizards

The 2015-16 version of the All-Eastern Time Zone Squad is interesting as we were heavy guard-oriented and have been since this team was announced two seasons ago. John Wall led the troops last season with DeMar DeRozan taking home the Player of the Year the year before. Who will lead the Squad this season as the P.O.Y. was super close and there maybe a Co-Player of the Year?

"All-EASTERN Time Zone"

Co-Player of the Year 

Paul George Rated PG-13
#Pacers #PacerNation #GoldSwagger #IndyHoops

81 Gms 81 Starts 23.1 ppg 7 rpg 4.1 apg 1.9 thefts

DeMar DeRozan dba "D2" of Compton
#RaptorNation #RaptorNation #WeTheNorth #Dinosuars

78 Gms 78 Starts 23.5 ppg 4.5 rpg 4 apg 1 theft

1st Team

SG PG-13 #GoldSwagger
SG "D2" #WeTheNorth
PG Wall-Star #WizKidsDC
PG Isaiah of Tacoma #Cs
PG K.L. of #WeTheNorth

Honorable Mention

SG Avery Bradley #Cs
SG "Mississippi Lightning" dba Monta #GoldSwagger
C Marcin Gortat #WizKidsDC 
C Jonas Valanciunas #WeTheNorth
SF Robert Covington #SeventySixers

360 Degrees

PG-13 was simply spectacular as was 10th in the "Logo" in scoring and went All-Defense as well as you will not find a better two-way player in the "Logo" not named Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green, or Jimmy Butler...  

DeMar DeRozan again with 1st Teamer Kyle Lowry cement their names in the "Logo" in 2K15-16 as a Top 5 back court in the Association. "D2" rugged game from Compton, CA fits nicely with that Asphalt Game of K.L. from Philly and when they are both going its Jurassic Park destruction on the opposition....

John Wall has arrived as has his Shoe Game recently as Wall-Star minus the services of his "Partner in Crime" dba "Band-Aid" Man Bradley Beal was dominant and the Wizards will be high on the "Easy Money Snipers" List and that would be Regulators Report O.K.C. @kdTREY5 this summer....imagine Wall-Star and K.D. in Chocolate City....hmmm hmmm good! 

Isaiah Thomas most recent success (as he has been doing it for quite sometime) had current Suns GM not name dropping saying, "Letting go of Thomas was our biggest mistake as an Organization in recent memory", well I saw this coming as I have never been an Eric Bledsoe Fan. Thomas is the one Celtic that "Trader" Danny Ainge won't part with this summer and Avery Bradley as well as they are the "Future" of Green Team moving forward!  

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