Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chef CURRY goes "Fight 4 MO" WInner for the 2nd Consecutive Season!..."DUBS" Point God and sharp-shooter @StephenCurry30 dba SC30 goes NBA M.V.P. Trophy x 2 and becomes the 1st Unanimous Winner ever and that is major props! @StephenCurry30 #Fight4Mo #NBAM.V.P. #SC30 #HumanTorch

It was more of a formality than anything else as the "Logo" and NBA Commish Adam Silver along with NBA M.V.P. Voters names Golden State Warriors Point God and sharp-shooter Stephen Curry the 2K15-16 KIA NBA M.V.P Award dba "Fight 4 Mo" and that would be the Maurice Podoloff Trophy.  

Curry received a record all 131 1st place votes on his way to "Fight 4 Mo" #2 as the King from Akron, Ohio and the "Q"Business LeBron James surprisingly enough gets 3rd place. To no ones surprise Curry got the majority of the voted but to be unanimous when players like Shaq, Air Jordan, and Wilt 20K along with Magic Johnson to name a few never did...there is an argument!

Is Curry the best player on Planet Earth he is one of them as I think the other is King James. James like Air Jordan makes things look so easy on a nightly and 82-game trek basis people forget how good they really are. I would have gave James at least 10% of the 1st place votes just based on how he also impacts the game from many angles.

As for the voting here it is the Top 6 in the 2K15-16 NBA M.V.P. Votes:

"Fight 4 Mo"

Note: In parenthesis is 1st place votes

1. Chef Curry #StrengthInNumbers (131)

2. Kawhi #SpurWars 634 2nd place 

3. King James #Believeland 631 2nd place

4. Russ #RegulatorsReportOKC 486 2nd place

5. K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC 147 2nd place

6. CP3 #ClipperLandUSA 107 2nd place   

360 Degrees...

Chef Curry cooked up some NBA Record 402 Money Ball makes in 2K15-16 shattering his the then 2K14-15 NBA Record of 286 as he also led the "Logo" in scoring at a 30.1 ppg clip...

Kawhi racked up a career-high 21.2 ppg as well as getting his 2ns straight Defensive P.O.Y. Award...

King James averaged just 25.3 ppg 7.4 rpg 6.8 apg coming from a Custodian (Small Forward) who is 31 years of age...and he does it effortlessly! 

Russ makes K.D. go and K.D. makes Russ go and together they are the "League of Justice" in the "Logo" now which one is which is for you to decide as they both are as dynamic a pair as you will find in the "Logo" to date...     

CP3 of the Clips won't get his "Bling" but to be 6th on this list is no joke and the "Fruits of his Labor" for the 2K15-16 season didn't go unnoticed...
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