Monday, November 23, 2015

NFL Week 11 "AFTERMATH" in "A QB Driven League"...RISE UP free falling...COWBOYS on the Board after seven straight losses...CAM and the PANTHERS still dancing at 10-0...Chip Kelly and #FlyEaglesFly are in trouble...JAMEIS goes for 5 TD Passes...FLACCO done for 2K15...BOLTS get clobbered on L.T. Day of all days to get clobbered...and more! #NFLWk11Aftermath #AQBDrivenLeague

Welcome to the NFL Week 11 "Aftermath" in "A QB Driven League" as we rundown all the particulars in NFL Week 1 Action talking Sunday November 22, 2k15...

#Colts 24 @ #RiseUp 21

The Falcons are in real trouble as the NFC South is all Carolina and the Falcons are all of a sudden playing for an NFC Wildcard. Meanwhile the Colts 40-year old QB Matt Hasselbeck is playing like he has a Seattle Seahawks Jersey on as Indy and the Texans and even the Jags duke it out for the AFC South...

#STLRams 13 @ #PurpleBrowns 16 

Rams Lead Man Jeff Fisher might be in trouble as GM Les Snead might be on the fence as well. The Ravens win with a last minute FG but lose QB Joe Flacco (Torn ACL/MCL) and RB Justin Forsett (Broken Forearm) for the remainder of the 2K15 season...

#HTTR 16 @ #PanthersPride 44

I have told you before get the 'Skins away from D.C. and they are atrocious. The Panthers keep rolling and if Cam and that Offense can get some consistency...they will be headed to Santa Clara, California in February 2K16 for the Big Bowl!

#OrangeCrush 17 @ #BelieveInMonsters 15

The Broncos did what they had to do with @BOsweiler17 at QB. The Bears falling to 4-6 could have made that "Date Night" on Turkey Day in Green Bay a little bit more interesting if they would have beat the Broncos.      

#RaiderNation 13 @ #RestoreTheRoar 18

Can the Lions save Jim Caldwell's Job and the answer to that is no! Now can they make a run at an NFC Wildcard Slot and play "Spoiler" the rest of the way you bet! As for the Silver and Black....what happened?

#GangGreen 17 @ #BullsOnParade 24

The Jets are falling slowly but surely as the Texans and that Romeo Crennel "D" is all of a sudden playing a "Area 99" JJ Watt like level winning games. That AFC South Race is far from being over! Jets QB Mark Sanchez needs to give up his Sunday Suit!

#Cowboys 24 @ #AquaBoyz305 14 

Romo did it and yes he made a huge difference but can the 'Boys reel off at least the next 4 in the win column to get to 7-7? The 'Phins are up and down as they will be looking for a new Lead Man here soon.

#FireTheCannons 45 @ #FlyEaglesFly 17

Bucs QB Jameis Winston + "Muscle Hamster" = down goes Chip Kelly and the Birds of Philly! What if the Eagles get rid of Kelly as their lead man after he traded away all those good players what happens then? Tampa is in the hunt for an NFC Wildcard riding their Rookie QB who has some serious game!

#RedFriday 33 #BoltsDown 3

Chiefs all over the Chargers on former Bolts STar RB LaDanian Tomlinson Day how could you San Diego Football? Bolts lead man Mike McCoy seat is headed toward infrared! Chiefs lurking in the AFC West and AFC Wildcard....

#WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football 30 @ #SKOLVikings 13

So much for the Packers dropping their 4th "L" in a row as they are tied with the Vikes in the NFC NOrth with the Bears next up on Turkey Day Night! The Vikes get a reality check but they are still a really good team...moving forward!

#NinersEmpire 13 @ #12thManSpaceNeedle206 29

The Niners have been dunzo and the Seahawks at just 5-5 gets the Black and Yellow in Week 12 in the 206 as both need W's to stay in the Playoff Races...

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