Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cubs "MADDON Ball" grabs SKIPPER of the Year on the Senior Circuit for 2K15!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" as the JOE MADDON is NL Manager of the Year as the NORTH SIDERS had some kind of 2k15! @CubsJoeMadd #MaddonBall #NorthSidersHardball #NLSkipperOfTheYear2K15

The Chicago Cubs Skipper Joe Maddon edges out both Mike Matheny (Redbirds) and Terry Collins (Amazins) for the 2k15 NL Manager of the Year as the Cubbies made some kind of run in 2k15. Maddon also becomes the 7th Skipper to win the award on both circuits talking AL and NL.

Maddon led the Cubbies to a 3rd place finish (97-65) in the best division in Hardball the NL Central behind the Buccos and Redbirds. The North Siders then took out the Buccos in that one-game playoff and then the Redbirds only to get swept by the blue-hot New York Mets in the NLCS 2k15. As far as the balloting went in the Race for 2K15 Skipper of the Year:

Senior Circuit "SKIPPER of the Year" 2K15

Note: In parenthesis 1st Place Votes

1.   @CubsJoeMadd (18) 124 pts 

2. Matheny #Redbirds (9) 87 pts 

3. Collins #Amazins (3) 49 pts

Cubs were +24 from the year before and that was #1 in the "Bigs"...

What will "Maddon Ball" do foe an Encore in 2K16 with "Expectations through the Roof on the North Side?
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