Monday, November 16, 2015

Cubbies Hot Corner BRYANT unanimous NL Rookie of the Year!..."WORD Around the WARNING Track" as MADDON Ball's Hot Corner and #1 Coffee-Runner in 2K15 KRIS BRYANT takes home the Jackie Robinson NL Rookie of the Year Award as it was no context! @KrisBryant_23 #NorthSiders #MaddonBall #NLRookieOfTheYear2K15

To no ones surprise at least in Chicago it was Cubbies Hot Corner Kris Bryant winning the 2K15 Baseball Writers Association of America Rookie of the Year dba Jackie Robinson Award. K.B. was on all 30 ballots and edged out two other #1 Coffee-Runners on the Senior Circuit that deserved the award as well. Let's checkout the voting on the 2K15 NL Rookie of the Year:

2K15 NL Rookie of the Year Voting

1.  K. Bryant 3B #MaddonBall
2.  M. Duffy 3B #Gigantes
3. Jung Ho Kang 3B/SS #BUCN
4. N. Syndergaard RHP #Amazins
5. J. Bour 1B #FightinFish 

As for Bryant's 2K15 Campaign it was all of that and a bowl of buttered down Grits w/Eggs scrambled easy...

3B @KrisBryant_23 2K15 Digits

Gms 151 559 AB .275 avg 26 HR 99 RBI 77 BB 31 2B 87 R 154 Hits 

Note: K.B. led all Rookies in MLB in Ribbies, two-baggers, and runs scored 

2K15 Highlights 

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