Thursday, November 12, 2015

BILLS 22 JETS 17 F...The BILLS Mafia in Lifesaver Lollipop "RED" defeats GANG GREEN in Jolly Rancher "GREEN" in the "REX RYAN is Back at MET LIFE" Game!..." A QB Driven League" Thursday Night Football Week 10 as TYROD > "FITZ" and the Wild Card Race in the "Fight 4 LAMAR" gets tighter! #BUFvsNYJ #BillsMafia #GangGreen #AFCEast2K15Happeinings #AQBDrivenLeague

The Buffalo Bills were dominating the game in the 1st half and a short portion of the 3rd frame as they hang on late to beat the rival New York Jets 22-17. Former Jets lead man Rex Ryan gets a "W" in his 1st game back at Met Life on the Visitors Sideline as the Bills "D" answered the bell as the Bills "O" could not get in the end zone enough in the 1st half to open things up!

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor did enough in the passing game as Bills RB "Shady" McCoy ran for 112 yards on nineteen carries. Taylor threw for 158 yards on 17 of 27 and a TD but he ran way too much on that bad wheel against a ferocious Gang Green D-Line.

The Jets offensively got it started way too late as the two Interceptions and Fumble by the Jets prove costly. Gang Green QB Ryan "Fitz" Fitzpatrick threw for 193 yards on just 15 for 34 as two scores late to offset those two INTs.  RB Chris Ivory ran for 99 yards on 18 carries but it was one of those game s for Gang Green where it was , "Don't show me the numbers as oppose to when you did the numbers come"!  

Now we have both teams sitting at 5-4 up there with the Pittsburgh Steelers at 5-4 as that Wild Card Race in the "Fight 4 Lamar" meaning the AFC 's Lamar Hunt Trophy's Plot thickens...
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