Sunday, November 15, 2015

NFL Week 10 "Early Slate" in "A QB Driven League" as we get the COWBOYS in Tampa vs the BUCS...PANTHERS Motel Show in Music City vs TITANS....and SAINTS in D.C. vs H.T.T.R.! #DALvsTB #CARvsTEN #NOvsWAS #NFLWk10EarlySlate #AQBDrivenLeague

NFL Week 10 "Early Slate" in "A QB Driven League" 
1pm ET Games

#Cowboys (2-6) @ #ItsABucsLife (3-5)

At this point the Cowboys just need a "W" to get away from what was an injury-plagued 2K15 and now a windstorm off it. The Bucs should try and take advantage of a Cowboys Bunch that has way too much going on not saying names. Can Tampa and Rook QB Jameis Winston hit the 'Boys in the mouth and get a "W"?

Winner: Tampa 19-16

#PanthersPride (8-0) vs #MusicCityTitans (2-6)

That Carolina Motel Show is just as good as them playing at home in the Big ATM dba Bank of America Stadium. The Titans have their work cutout as Rook QB Marcus Mariota will face perhaps the best "D" he has faced all season long in that Panthers "D" led by Backers Thomas David and Luke Kuechly!

Winner: Panthers 30-17

#NOLAGumboSaints (4-5) @ #HTTR (3-5)  

Drew Brees I heard was "Dunzo" a few weeks back and now look. He is the 2K15 NFL Fantasy must-have at QB and WR Brandin Cooks has arrived. The 'Skins play tough in D.C. as QB Kirk Cousins is running what looks to be the whole show in D.C. through the 2K15 season. Where is RG3 is he even on the sideline anymore?

Winner: Saints 34-24

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