Monday, November 16, 2015

TEXANS 10 BENGALS 6 F...Out with BRIAN HOYER and in with T.J. YATES as the TEXANS hit the Phone Booth in the "JUNGLE on the OHIO" and out came the real #BullsOnParade with a spectacular TD Grab from @NukDaBomb!...NFL Week 10 Monday Night Football in "A QB Driven League" as WHO DEY says Bye Bye to 16-0 and here comes the BUNGLES! #HOUvsCIN #TexansPride #WhoDeyNation #MNF #AQBDrivenLeague

I keep seeing this dude at QB and for the most part when his number is called he plays above the call of duty. The Houston Texans laid out the Blueprint on how to beat the 2k15 Cincinnati Bengals and that Blueprint is null in void if it doesn't start with "Area 99" dba JJ Watt!

The Texans march into the "Jungle on the Ohio" and beats the Bengals with a raucous Who Dey Nation feeling themselves as they should at then 8-0. The Texans "D" held Who Dey to under 200 yards passing and under a 100 rushing and that is no small feat. "Cincy" just had a power outage due to that Romeo Crennel "D" that was dialed up and dialed in all game long.

As for Texans QB Brain Hoyer who suffered a concussion the night quickly belonged to his #2 T.J. Yates. The Texans nearly matched the Bengals in the numbers excluding that one-hang TD grab by DeAndre Hopkins who is easily a Top 5 WR in the "Shield" hands down no contest! It was his spectacular catch that was the difference as neither team could get going on offense.

@Nukdabomb TD Catch vs Bengals 
Week 10 #MNF 
"Jungle on the Ohio" 

Houston with the "W" moves to 4-5 as the Bengals fall to 8-1 and folks mark this game down as Cincy has a tendency to lose in bunches...  
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