Monday, November 16, 2015

NFL Week 10 the "AFTERMATH"...What we know heading into NFL Week 11 and beyond talking who is heading "NORTH" and who is heading "SOUTH"! #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #TripleDiamondChronicles

NFL Week 10 

#RestoreTheRoar 18 @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football 16

No they didn't as the Lions win for the at time since 1991 in Lambeau as the Packers after starting 6-0 have joined Jack and Rose on the "Titanic" perhaps falling to 6-3 and to 2nd place in the NFC North!

#AquaBoyz305 20 @ #FlyKellyFly 19

The 'Phins behind lead man Dan Campbell all of a sudden has a nasty attitude and of course some help from Eagles QB Mark Sanchez...who is going to win that NFC East?

#BelieveInMonsters 37 @ #STLRams 13 

The Bears have lead man John Fox's Imprints all over them as they move to 4-5 beating the Bolts and Rams out of the Motel in back to back games as Bears Nation showed some real love in the Lou on about Jay "90210" Cutler now?

#Cowboys 6 @ #FireTheCannons 10

The Cowboys 2K15 Campaign is officially over and I was thinking after they lose Romo, Dez, and Orlando Scandrick it would be tough sledding anyway. The Bucs behind Rook QB Jameis Winston is heading in the right direction...

#PanthersPride 27 @ #MusicCityTitans 10 

Carolina might be the "creme dela creme" in the "Fight 4 George" and that would be the George Halas Trophy as QB Cam and that "D" keeps playing at a Parade Route Level...Titans are the 3rd best team in Tennessee behind the Memphis Tigers and Vols of Rocky Top Football and yes I went there!

#NOLAGumboSaints 14 @ #HTTR 47

I have no words to express how the D.C. Pro Football thumped the Saints and only if H.T.T.R. has all 16 games in D.C. they would be a the surprise of 2K15....Saints are still in the running for January Football but this one hurts!

#SKOLVikings 30 @ #RaiderNation 14 

They talk about lead man Mike Zimmer of the Vikes but what about QB Teddy Bridewater I know he doesn't look the part but he is darn good and let's give him some more press instead of talking about the same ole QBs week in and week out that look the part. As for Oakland they are too good to go South but now we will see what they are made of. Vikes RB Adrian Peterson dba Twin Cities Avenger #28 is still delicious in the A-Gap and beyond!  

#RedFriday 29 @ #OrangeCrush 13

The Chiefs made Manning Mile High look like Blaine Gabbert and "Joey Football" Harrington in the same game. How long will Manning be out? Are the Chiefs making a move to the AFC Wild Card or AFC West Title or both?

#Pats 27 @ #GMen 26

Really G-Men it was right there as there are no moral victories in the "Shield"...Pats playing above average...Lol!

#BirdGang 39 @ #12thManSpaceNeedle 32

They blew a 19-0 lead but to their credit when they had a few Offensive Series powered by "Superbad" and Animal House they responded. The Seahawks have the Steelers coming in Week 12 as they fall to 4-5. Does anyone know if Cards QB Carson Palmer is an Earthling or nah? His play at that age goes under the radar but he has been for almost 15 years quietly one of the more consistent QBs....real talk!

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