Friday, November 20, 2015

Nats BRYCE HARPER the National League M.V.P. 2K15!..." MONSTERS at the DISH" as NAT-itude Star RF "BAM 34" dba Bryce Harper wins the NL M.V.P. for 2K15 and take that NATS Haters! @Bharper3407 #Bam34 #NATS #NATitude #NLMVP2K15 #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Washington Nationals didn't meet any "Expectations" in 2K15 and it cost Skipper Matt Williams his lead man gig. The one constant for the 2k15 Nats that no one could stop from not only meeting "expectations" but exceeding them was Nats RF Bryce Harper from the 702 dba "Bam 34"!

"Bam 34" lit up the Show in 2K15 with his circus act "At the Dish" as he started hot and remained hot throughout the 162. Not only did he win the NL M.V.P. but he missed a batting title getting edged out by Little Havana Hardball dba Miami Marlins Dee Gordon on the last game of 162.

Checking out Bryce Harper's 2K15 NL M.V.P. Season:

@BHarper3407 dba "Bam 34

153 Gms .330 avg 42 HR 99 RBI 118 runs 38 2B
 .649 Slg Pct 1.109 OPS 9.9 WAR

Note: that WAR Score is the 3rd highest ever behind Mike Trout and the late great Ted Williams

2K15 NL M.V.P. Voting Top 6

Note: In parenthesis is 1st Place Votes

1. "Bam 34" #NATitude (30)
2. Agent Goldschmidt #DBacks 
3. J. Votto #RedLegs 
4. A. Rizzo #MaddonBall
5.  "Cutch 22" #BUCN
6. J. Arrieta #MaddonBall

Jake Arrieta gets 6th in the voting as he garnered 5 second place votes as "Bam 34" received all 30 1st place votes...

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