Thursday, November 19, 2015

ARRIETA wins the 2K15 NL Cy Young!..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" + " WORD Around the WARNING Track" = @JArrieta34 gets the CY YOUNG Award on the Senior Circuit by a landslide! @JArrieta34 #JakeTheSnake34 #NorthSiders #MaddonBall #LetsGo #AddisonClarkHardball773

It was more of a formality than anything else as the Chicago Cubs and Jake Arrieta knew who was going to win the 2K15 NL Cy Young and that is not taking shots at the other nominees.  @JArrieta34 Dominance in 2K15 and his 2nd half dominance also took place in Major League Baseball History with an ERA well under 1.00 in the 2nd half.

Jake has like most would say since his O's Days figured things put and in Cubbies Duds has been for the most part above and beyond the call of duty and talking 2K15 nothing but sensational. He defied the odds and beat out the Dodgers Two-Pack dba the "Chavez Ravine Bump" in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke as the "Greinkster" will be heavily courted one would think by the North Siders talking Greinke and David Price.

Taking a look at Jake Arrieta's 2K15 Campaign which was simply "Yummo"! 

@JArrieta34 2K15 Digits

33 Gms 33 Gms Started 
22-6 W-L 1.77 ERA .185 BAA 0.86 WHIP
4 CG 3 SHO 
229 IP 150 H 52 R 45 ER 10 HR 236 SO 48 BB

The 2K15 NL Cy Young Voting 

Note: In Parenthesis 1st Place Votes

Winner: Jake Arrieta #MaddonBall (17)

2. Z. Greinke #DodgerBlue (10)
3. C. Kershaw #DodgerBlue (3)
4. G. Cole #BUCN
5. Mad Max Scherzer #NATitude 
6. MADbum #Gigantes    
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