Friday, November 27, 2015

PANTHERS 33 COWBOYS 14 F...Carolina QB CAM knowing he was going to get Turkey Day Dinner 2K15 and Candied YAMS joins LUKE KUECHLY and that PANTHERS "D" to smother Team JERRY JONES and the 'BOYS!..."A QB Driven League" Turkey Day Games 2K15 Game #2 as the PANTHERS are 4 Real! #CARvsDAL #PantherPride #CowboysNation #AQBDrivenLeague #Panthers11-0

The 2k15 Carolina Panthers didn't start off being the favorite in the NFC nor were they the consensus favorite in their own division the NFC South. Then in training camp 2K15 WR Kelvin Benjamin went down and the Panthers were doomed at wideout.

Now we fast forward some four months later and still under the radar as their QB Cam Newton isn't named Tom, Peyton, or Aaron the 2K15 Carolina Panthers are the clear favorite in the NFC dba "Fight 4 George"!

On Thursday Afternoon they took apart the Tony Romo led Dallas Cowboys like a Lego Set under the Christmas Tree for a resounding and convincing 33-14 "W"! Now everyone is drinking the Riverboat Ron Hunch Punch and Panthers Nation has to be thinking Santa Clara and Big Bowl 50 or bust.

As for Newton he threw for just 183 yards and no TDs but it was that Panthers "D" scoring all game long as it seemed. Kurt Coleman started the game off with a Pick 6 and Luke Kuechly added to that in the 2nd with another pick 6 and the Panthers led at the break 23-3. Romo threw 3 INTs and two went for six as that long lay off came back to haunt him versus a Grade A Defense like the #BackInBlack Panthers.  

Now moving forward the Panthers are 11-0 as the Cowboys fall to 3-8 looking like they will be headed to Chicago with high Draft Pick. Meanwhile Carolina is thinking "Big" I mean real "Big" and why not!  
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