Thursday, November 5, 2015

LIONS GM Mayhew and Prez Lewand fired by the Model T Ford Family!...Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE November 5, 2015 + Black MONDAY Guillotine = GM and PREZ go see Martha Ford as the "RESTORE the ROAR" Brass has seen enough as they put both MARTIN MAYHEW and TOM LEWAND on that BLACK Monday Guillotine some eight weeks ahead of that day! @Lions #RestoreTheRoar #GMMayhew #PrezLewand

After that 45-10 debacle across the Big Pond last week and numerous rumors swirling about Detroit Lions lead man Jim Caldwell the Model T Ford Family headed by Team Owner Martha Ford fires both GM Martin Mayhew and Team President Tom Lewand.

Those groups come in a Two-Pack and for those of you wondering about Caldwell's future with the Lions his guys both Mayhew and Lewand are gone as they hired him. This is all in the midst of Restore Roar's 2K15 W-L of 1-7 and all sorts of Trade Deadline Rumblings of "Megatron" Five-Star WR Calvin Johnson Jr. was leaving the "D" 313!

Now Caldwell must know he has eight more games before his Badge will expire and the Lions Players currently on that 53-man Roster is playing for the new lead man who must be in place after they find a GM and President for the upcoming 2K16 NFL Draft Combine in February you would think.

Remember Caldwell coached Manning Mile High for years and was suppose to bring order to current Lions QB Matt Stafford. That brings me to the conclusion of you are what you are before drafting into the "Shield" and the only thing that changes is your in a nice tax bracket instead of on an Athletic Scholarship....stay tuned Lions Nation for more on this!

The Black Monday Guillotine strikes near Ford Field in the Motor City...and you thought Matt Millen took Motor City Football Nation to the depths of the unknown...think again!  
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