Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LEVY and "RESTORE the ROAR" agrees on an Extension!..."SUNDAY TALK" as versatile Backer DeANDRE LEVY gets his CASH as the LIONS needed the former BADGERS Star to stay put! @drelevy #RestoreTheROAR #LionsCountry #MotorCityProFootball

The Detroit Lions with both defensive tackles Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh gone have made just the right moves to keep that "D" in tact. They traded for Purple Browns DT Haloti Ngata to make up for the "Beef" lost up front. Now they keep arguably their most important part playing on the ""D in the "D" for 48 more months.

Former  Linebacker Star from "A Whole Bunch of Badgers" U dba Wisconsin Badgers DeAndre Levy and the Detroit Lions come to an agreement on an extension. That extension said to be for 4 years and what many think in the same arena as what Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner just received which was $43 million and some $22 million guaranteed.

Levy a 2009 3rd pick #76 overall has been nothing but stellar for "Restore the Roar". He has went to back to back Pro Bowls and he makes that Lions "D" what it is with his spectacular sideline to sideline attacking. C'mon a Backers clocked at 4.47 at the 2009 NFL Combine with instincts like Levy...yes the scouts missed and its not an exact science. Taking a look at @drelevy 2014 Digits:

RLB 4-3 Alignment
"Restore the Roar"
2014 Digits

16 Games 16 Starts 
121 Tkls 34 Asst 2.5 Red Jersey Collections INT 

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