Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 225...'MELO loves the KNICKS Happenings in the Offseason and what was he suppose to say?...MORRIS Twin Markieff wants off the "VALLEY of the SUN" Hoops Squad...really Twin! @CarmeloAnthony #KnicksNation @KansasTwin21 #SUNnation #PHXhoops

Sports Shorts revolving around that Spalding Orange as we talk the "Bully of new MSG" and Jordan Brand Business. Carmelo Anthony talking at the USA Basketball Mini-Camp is a "Believer" in the Knicks Happenings in the Summer 2K15. Now looking at it much closer he was pissed off after the Knicks 2K15 Draft then this happened.

The "Bully of new MSG" realized at age 31 he is going nowhere  and more importantly he has $101.6 million left on a deal that pays him $22.88 million in 2015-16. He will be the focal point of the offense and he is playing home games in World's Most Famous. Couple of that with the Knicks playing in the East which is looking like the Big East...things could be on the up in 2015-16 for 'Melo and Company!

Switching gears Phoenix Suns PF/SF Markieff Morris wants out of the "Valley of the Sun". Look Twin is upset they moves his Twin Brother Marcus to the "D" 313 to play for the Pistons.  Twin already had one blessing as they rejoined each other in Phoenix after one started out with Clutch City. I know how identical twins work but with the Tax Bracket they both reside in...shut up Markieff and play and use Face Time, Skype, or something of that nature...ridiculous we are even talking about this Twin!  

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